30+ Durga Puja Quotes, Wishes, Status, Captions.

Happy Durga Puja, May this festival of high spirits bring more joy and prosperity in your life.

Durga puja quotes

Durga Puja Quotes, Wishes, Status, Captions for Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


” I wish may Maa Durga protect
you in every Path of your life,
and fulfill all your dreams.“
|| Happy Durga Puja ||


“May the blessings of Maa Durga always
shine upon you. May you always succeed
in your goals & enjoy a prosperous year”
|| Happy Durga Puja ||


“May Goddess Durga grant you immense
strength to overcome all the obstacles in
your life. I always pray that Mother will
always be with you and your family & also
fill your life with happiness and peace.”
|| Wishing you a happy Durga Puja ||


“May Maa Durga bless you and your
family. And I wish this Durga Puja be
the best Puja of your life”
|| Happy Durga Puja ||


” Let the festive spirit embrace you and
your dear ones on this special occasion.”
|| Wishing you a Happy Durga Puja ||


” May this festival of high spirits bring more joy and prosperity in your life”
|| Wishing you a Colorful Durga Puja ||


“May these autumn festival
colors stay with you forever.
Hope this Sharodiya festival brings joy &
happiness to all of your family members.”
|| Suvo Sharodiya ||


“May her blessings remove all obstacles
from your path of life as she removes
the darkness from the universe.”
|| Happy Durga Puja ||


“May Goddess Durga bless you as,
she blessed Lord Rama to fight evil.”
|| Happy Durga Puja ||


“The mind is blown away by the smell
of flowers. The autumn happiness is
shining across the sky. Wind of Kash
flower announcing Mother’s arrival.”
|| Happy Maha Ashtami ||

Durga puja whatsapp status

Durga puja status, quotes


“May the blessings of Maa Durga
guide you in the right direction
and help you in all your endeavors.”
|| Happy Durga Puja ||


“May the grace of Maa Durga light up your world,
May all happiness come into your life,
and be the happiest person in this world “
|| Happy Durga Puja ||


“My heartfelt Wishes on this Durga Puja,
May this occasion be as bright as ever.”
|| Wishing you a colorful Durga Puja ||


“Let us celebrate the victory of good over
evil, victory of humanity, victory of justice,
victory of truth on this Durga Puja.”
|| Wishing you very Happy Durga Puja ||


“May Maa Durga bless you with good
health, happiness and success.
Happy Durga Puja to you
and your family.”


“May Goddess Durga light
your path to success.
& Let your house become a box
of happiness for everyone.”
|| Happy Durga Nabami to All ||


“Durga Puja is an occasion
of love, color and joy and
This Durga Puja has become
more colorful because of you.
I want to spend every Durga Puja
with special person like you.”
|| ❤️ U Dear ||


“May Goddess Durga shower her
blessings and strength on you forever”
|| Happy Durga Puja ||


“I wish Maa Durga fulfill all of
your dreams on this Durga Puja”
|| Shubho Sharodiya ||


“My heartiest Greetings to all on
the auspicious occasion of
Durga Puja, may this special
occasion bring better opportunities,
new hope and prosperity in your life.”
|| Happy Durga Puja ||

Durga puja wishes

Maa Durga Image for wishes


“I wish Maa Durga guide you
and protect you to overcome all the
circumstances in your life.
May the divine blessings of Maa
Durga always be with you.”
|| Happy Maha Ashtami ||


“I wish sparkle, vibrancy and happiness
comes to your life. I pray to Maa Durga
that she shower all happiness
and love on you in this puja.”
|| Always Stay Happy ||


“Every Durga Puja has become more
enjoyable since you entered in my life. I
will pray to mother to keep you with me
forever. Wishing you a Happy Durga Puja!”
|| happy Durga Puja Dear ||


” May all your wishes be fulfilled on
this auspicious occasion.
May you and your family be protected by
Goddess Durga forever.
Enjoy this beautiful occasion of Navratri
with your family and loved ones!”
|| Happy Navratri ||


“May the blessings of
Maa Durga always be with
you on the auspicious
day of Ashtami.”
|| Happy Ashtami ||


“The melodious sound of dhak reminds
me that Mother is coming again.
Warmly welcome her from your heart
and let the celebration begin!!”
|| Happy Durga Ashtami||


“Having you in my life is
the biggest blessing for me.
Hope Durga’s love will always be
with us and we will live our lives happily.”
|| Happy Durga Puja My Love ||


“May Maa Durga inspire your heart and
mind to move forward with positivity & joy.”
|| Happy Durga Puja to you ||


“My warmest wishes to all my friends
on the occasion of Durga Puja:
everyone stay safe and have a wonderful
time with your family and friends.
May the blessings of Maa Durga be with you always.”

Durga Puja Status quotes

Durga Puja Status quotes
|| Subho Bijoya Dashami ||


“There is another world outside the
walls where you live, Come out and
see how colorful it is now.
Wishing you a great Durga Puja! “


“On Dashami I am sending you warm
wishes from my heart that Maa
Durga give you courage to face
all ups and downs.
May she bring eternal peace and
happiness to your family and
grant all your wishes.”
|| Happy Durga Puja ||

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