Electronic Abbreviation | All Important Telecommunication Full Form

Today all people directly or indirectly connected with telecommunications. Through this telecommunication system, we can send information such as audio, video, messages from one device to another. In this telecommunications system, information is transmitted from one device to another in the form of electromagnetic signals known as carrier waves. Telecom is a universal word that comes from telecommunications. Today all people around the world are connected to each other through this telecommunications system.

Telecommunication Abbreviation

               Now we will discuss different types of Telecommunications related abbreviation or full form which are very important for everyone.

No. Acronym Full Form
1 GSM  Global System for Mobile(Communication)
2 GPRS  General Packet Radio Service
3 NAP  Network Access Point
4 ISD  International Subscriber Dialing
5 CDMA  Code Division Multiple Access
6 BSC  Base Station Controller
7 RFT  Radio Frequency Transmitter
8 GEO  Geostationary Earth Orbit
9 DSS  Direct Satellite Services
10 SDLC  Synchronous Data Link Control
11 IMSI  International Mobile Subscriber Identity
12 SMSC  Gateway Mobile Switching Center
13 DTA  Data Transfer Adapter
14 DTC  Digital Traffic Channel
15 IVRS  Interactive Voice Response System
16 CGSA  Cellular Geographic Service Areas
17 RNC  Radio Network Controller
18 NPDB  Number Portability Database
19 BFS  Broadcast File System
20 BGCF  Breakout Gateway Control Function
21 BGP  Border Gateway Protocol
22 BIU  Broadband Interface Unit
23 BRAS  Broadband Remote Access Server
24 BOPL  Broadband Over Power Line
25 BRI  Brand Rating Index
26 BRS  Broadband Radio Service
27 TMN  Telecommunication Management Network
28 UMTS  Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
29 FLAG  Fiber Link Around the Globe
30 VPS  Voice Processing System
31 DPCM  Differential Pulse Code Modulator
32 VMS  Voice Mail System
33 PAD  Packet Assembler And Disassembler
34 PCN  Personal Communications Network
35 VAC  Voltage Alternating Current
36 ATC  Alarm Traffic Controller
37 AFC  Automatic Frequency Control
38 PDC  Personal Digital Cellular
39 WAP  Wireless Application Protocol
40 WCDMA  Wideband Code Division Multiple Access
41 OMF  Object Management Framework
42 FM  Frequency Modulation
43 PCO  Public Call Office
44 FDM  Frequency Division Modulation
45 FSS  Fixed Satellite Service
46 LEO  Low Earth Orbit
47 MAP  Mobile Application Part
48 POTS  Plain Old Telephone Service
49 kHz  kilohertz (thousand hertz)
50 MHz  Megahertz (million hertz)
51 AVC  Advanced Video Coding
52 AVI  Advanced Video Interface
53 AWGN  Additive White Gaussian Noise
54 BDF  Broadband Digital Forward
55 BDR  Baseband Digital Reverse
56 BERT  Bit Error Rate Test
57 BMS  Business Management System
58 BPF  Band-Pass Filter
59 UPR  User Performance Requirements
60 GMRS  General Mobile Radio Service
61 SGSN  Serving GPRS Support Node
62 PDSN  Packet Data Switched Network
63 AUC  Authentication Center
64 PUK  PIN Unblocking Key
65 SIS  Subscriber Identity Security
66 SIM  Subscriber Identity Module
67 UMTS  Universal Mobile Telecommunication System
68 IMN  Intelligent Mobile Network
69 VLR  Visitor Location Register
70 BPI  Baseline Privacy Interface
71 DCF  Dispersion Compensating Fiber
72 DCR  Digital Cable Ready
73 CTO  Chief Technology Officer
74 ATM  Asynchronous Transfer Mode
75 ATM  Automated Teller Machine
76 DCP  Device Control Protocol
77 ACTS  Advanced Communication Technology Satellite (NASA)
78 CLASS  Custom Local Area Signaling Services
79 POC  Point Of Contact
80 DATE  Duly Authorized Telecommunications Entity
81 FOB  Free On Board
82 IF Intermediate Frequency
83 BOD  Bandwidth on Demand
84 DID  Direct Inward Dialing
85 BOT  Build Operate Transfer
86 CAP  Competitive Access Provider
87 IN  Intelligent Network
88 CGI  Common Gateway Interface
89 FAT  Factory Acceptance Test
90 POM  Project Office Manager
91 POP  Point of Presence
92 COO  Chief Operating Officer
93 AMPS  Advanced Mobile Phones System
94 SDI  Secure Digital Interface
95 SRTP  Secure Real-time Transport Protocol
96 SSL  Secure Sockets Layer
97 TCAP  Transaction Capabilities Application Part
98 TCM  Tandem Connection Monitoring
99 UNI  User Network Interface
100 VPI  Virtual Path Identifier
101 WSS  Wavelength Selective Switch
102 VPLS  Virtual Private LAN Service
103 UPS  Uninterruptible Power Supply
104 TCO  Total Cost of Ownership
105 TCP  Transmission Control Protocol
106 SSM  Source Specific Multicast
107 SSMF  Standard Single Mode Fiber
108 SMF  Single Mode Fiber
109 SMS  Service Management System
110 SDMI  Secure Digital Music Initiative
111 SDP  Session Description Protocol
112 DBS  Direct Broadcast Satellite
113 DC  Direct Current
114 DCA  Digital Cable Application
115 CSS  Content Scrambling System
116 CSV  Comma Separated Value
117 BSS  Business Support System
118 TRAI  Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India
119 ASR  Access Switch Router
120 ASTB  Advanced Set-Top Box
121 BTS  Business Telecom Services
122 CORBA  Common Object Request Broker Architecture
123 COT  Central Office Terminal
124 CTAM  Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing
125 CTB  Composite Triple Beat
126 CTIA  Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association
127 DCC  Data Communication Channel
128 DCD  Downstream Channel Descriptor
129 CEA  Consumer Electronics Association
130 CEP  Cable Entry Point
131 CIFS  Common Internet File System
132 CNR  Carrier-to-Noise Ratio
133 CSO  Composite Second Order
134 CSR  Customer Service Representative
135 COLD  Central Office Layout Design
136 COPS  Common Open Policy Service
137 CIM  Common Information Model
138 CIR  Committed Information Rate
139 CER  Codeword Error Ratio
140 CES  Circuit Emulation Service
141 ODA  Outlet Digital Adapter
142 ODRL  Open Digital Rights Language
143 CRL  Certificate Revocation List
144 CRM  Customer Relationship Management
145 ASIC  Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
146 ASM  Asset Management System
147 ASP  Average Selling Price
148 FSK  Frequency Shift Keying
149 FTMD  Full Track Music Download
150 CDR  Call Detail Record
151 CD-ROM  Compact Disk-Read Only Memory
152 CMTS  Cable Modem Termination System
153 OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturer
154 OEPL  Optical Ethernet Private Line
155 CMOS  Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
156 CMS  Call Management Server
157 DMCA  Digital Millennium Copyright Act
158 DMH  Degraded Modem Hours
159 DSP  Digital Signal Processor
160 DSSS  Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum
161 EAS  Emergency Alert System
162 ECR  Efficient Consumer Response
163 EPON  Ethernet Passive Optical Network
164 EPRI  Electric Power Research Institute
165 FCRC  Fragment Cyclic Redundancy Check
166 FDD  Frequency Division Duplexed
167 SDB  Switched Digital Broadcast
168 SDH  Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
169 SLIC  Subscriber Line Interface Card
170 SLM  Signal Level Meter
171 SRM  System Resource Manager
172 SRS  Stimulated Raman Scattering
173 SVOD  Subscription Video on Demand
174 SVP  Secure Video Processor
175 UGS  Unsolicited Grant Service
176 UHF  Ultra High Frequency
177 UMA  Unlicensed Mobile Access
178 UNE  Unbundled Network Element
179 VLAN  Virtual Local Area Network
180 VLL  Virtual Leased Line
181 WPE  Wireless Plant Extension
182 WRED  Weighted Random Early Detection
183 EPG  Electronic Program Guide
184 DSCP  Differentiated Service Code Point
185 DSL  Digital Subscriber Line 
186 DMA  Designated Marketing Area
187 DMC  Dual Modem Cards
188 DAS  Direct Attached Storage
189 DAT  Digital Audio Tape
190 DBPSK  Differential Binary Phase Shift Keying
191 CPE  Customer Premises Equipment
192 CRA  Contention Resolution Algorithm
193 ASCII  American Standard Code for Information Interchange
194 ASI  Asynchronous Serial Interface
195 BTSC  Broadcast Television Systems Committee
196 CAB  Cable Advertising Bureau
197 CAC  Call Admission Control
198 RAID  Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
199 RBOC  Regional Bell Operating Company
200 ROAP  Rights Object Acquisition Protocol
201 ROB  Return on Bandwidth
202 SPP  Serial Port Profile
203 SPTS  Single Program Transport Stream
204 STS  Synchronous Transport Signal
205 SUT  System Under Test
206 TSR  Technical Service Representative
207 TSS  Telephony Switching Sub-System
208 UCC  Upstream Channel Change
209 VER  Virtual Ethernet Ring
210 WPA  Wireless (Wi-Fi) Protected Access
211 WPAN  Wireless Personal Area Network
212 VPN  Virtual Private Network
213 VRF  Virtual Routing and Forwarding
214 VHF  Very High Frequency
215 VHS  Video Home System
216 PID  Packet Identifier
217 PKI  Public Key Infrastructure
218 PLC  Packet Loss Concealment
219 PVC  Private Virtual Circuit
220 PVR  Personal Video Recorder
221 QAM  Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
222 RKS  Record Keeping Server
223 RMS  Root Mean Square
224 RNOC  Regional Network Operations Center
225 SIP  Session Initiation Protocol
226 SLA  Service Level Agreement
227 SLC  Shorten Last Codeword
228 STM  Synchronous Transport Module
229 STP  Spanning Tree Protocol
230 WAN  Wide Area Network
231 WCD  Wideband Channel Descriptor
232 WCM  Wideband Cable Modem
233 EML  Externally Modulated Laser
234 EMM  Entitlement Management Message
235 EMS  Element Management System
236 DVR  Digital Video Recorder
237 DVS  Digital Video Standard
238 DWDM  Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex
239 CLV  Consumer Lifetime Value
240 CMLA  Content Management License Administrator
241 CCM  Constant Coding and Modulation
242 CCS  Centum Call Seconds
243 ATSC  Advanced Television Systems Committee
244 AUP  Acceptable Use Policy
245 CD  Compact Disc
246 CDC  Connected Device Configuration
247 LRU  Least Recently Used
248 LSB  Least Significant Byte
249 LCP  Local Convergence Point
250 LCS  Line Code Signaling
251 IAG  Interactive Advertising Guidelines
252 IAMS  Intelligent Asset Management System
253 HDT  Host Digital Terminal
254 HDTV  High Definition Television
255 HIT  Headend Interface Terminal
256 CSH  Central Switch Homerun
257 CLI  Command Line Interface
258 CLR  Common Language Run-time
259 ARIB  Association of Radio Industries and Businesses
260 ARIN  American Registry of Internet Numbers
261 PON  Passive Optical Network
262 POS  Packet Over SONET
263 PSP  Packet Streaming Protocol
264 PSQ  Packet Streaming Queue
265 PTS  Program Transport Stream
266 PVC  Permanent Virtual Circuit
267 RIN  Relative Intensity Noise
268 RIP  Routing Information Protocol
269 SPE  Synchronous Payload Envelope
270 SPM  Self phase modulation
271 STG  Subscriber Telephony Gateway
272 TRP  Target Rating Points
273 TSI  Time Slot Interchange
274 VCR  Video Cassette Recorder
275 VDC  Volts Direct Current
276 WLAN  Wireless Local Area Network
277 WME  Wireless Media Extension
278 PSI  Program Specific Information
279 PSIP  Program and System Information Protocol
280 RFP  Request for Proposal
281 RIAA  Recording Industry Association of America
282 SAW  Surface Acoustic Wave
283 SBC  Switched Broadcast Client
284 SBM  Switched Broadcast Manager
285 SNMP  Simple Network Management Protocol
286 SOA  Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
287 SOAP  Simple Object Access Protocol
288 TNCS  Transmission Network Control System
289 TRI  Telephony Return Interface
290 VCI  Virtual Channel Identifier
291 VCM  Variable Coding and Modulation
292 IPAT Internet Protocol Access Terminal
293 IPDR  Internet Protocol Detail Record
294 IPDT  Internet Protocol Digital Terminal
295 HSS  Home Subscriber Server
296 HTPC  Home Theatre Personal Computer
297 GSRM  Global System Resource Manager
298 GUI  Graphical User Interface
299 GVRP  GARP VLAN Registration Protocol
300 FCC  Federal Communications Commission
301 FCP  Fiber Channel Protocol
302 EPL  Ethernet Private Line
303 CSCF  Call State Control Function
304 DLNA  Digital Living Network Alliance
305 CPD  Common Path Distortion
306 DAC  Digital Addressable Controller
307 DARPA  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
308 CLE  Customer Located Equipment
309 CLEC  Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
310 CCI  Content Control Information
311 CCK  Complimentary Code Keying
312 ARCNET  Attached Resource Computer Network
313 ARF  Advertising Research Foundation
314 PBX  Private Branch Exchange
315 PCI  Peripheral Connect Interface
316 PCR  Program Clock Reference
317 PRM  Polarization Recovery Module
318 PRNG  Pseudo Random Number Generators
319 RFC  Request for Comment
320 SAP  Service Access Point
321 SARA  Scientific-Atlanta Resident Application
322 SATA  Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
323 SCP  Service Control Platform
324 SCR  Silicon Controlled Rectifier
325 SCSI  Small Computer System Interface
326 SHDB  Switched High-definition Digital Broadcast
327 SIC  Standard Industrial Classification
328 TELR  Talker Echo Loudness Rating
329 TKIP  Temporal Key Integrity Protocol
330 VBR  Variable Bit Rate
331 VCAT  Virtual Concatenation
332 VSAT  Very Small Aperture Terminal
333 VTS  Video Transport Service
334 HSD  High Speed Data
335 HSDPA  High Speed Downlink Packet Access
336 HSI  High-Speed Internet
337 GPS  Global Positioning Satellite
338 GRE  Generic Routing Encapsulation
339 GRM  Global Resource Manager
340 EIR  Excess Information Rate
341 EMI  Electro-Magnetic Interference
342 DRAM  Dynamic Random-Access Memory
343 DRM  Digital Rights Management
344 DSA  Dynamic Service Addition
345 DHWG  Digital Home Working Group
346 DLCI  Data Link Connection Identifier
347 DLL  Data Link Layer
348 CBT  Computer Based Testing (or Training)
349 CCDF  Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function
350 API  Application Programming Interface
351 APSK  Amplitude Phase Shift Keying
352 VAG  Voice Access Gateway
353 VBI  Vertical Blanking Interval
354 RTSP  Real Time Streaming Protocol
355 SAG  Synthetic Analog Gateway
356 SAN  Storage Area Network
357 PRBS  Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence
358 PRI  Primary Rate Interface
359 PBIA  Personal Broadband Industry Association
360 PBP  Personal Basis Profile
361 PBR  Policy Based Routing
362 NID  Network Interface Device
363 NIS  Network Infrastructure Solutions
364 MSC  Mobile Switching Center
365 MSPP  Multi-Service Provisioning Platform
366 MTA  Multimedia Terminal Adapter
367 MVNO  Mobile Virtual Network Operator
368 MDU  Multiple Dwelling Unit
369 MEMS  Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems
370 LMP  Link Management Protocol
371 LOS  Loss of Signal
372 LPCM  Linear Pulse Code Modulation
373 OSC  Optical Supervisory Channel
374 OSI  Open Systems Interconnect
375 NTSC  National Television System Committee
376 NEMA  National Electrical Manufactures Association
377 NEMS  Network Element Management System
378 NGNA  Next Generation Network Architecture
379 MPLS  Multi Protocol Label Switching
380 MPTS  Multiple Program Transport Stream
381 MSB  Most Significant Byte
382 MDA  Model Driven Architecture
383 MDR  Mobile Digital Recorder
384 LMDS  Local Multipoint Distribution Service
385 LMI  Link Management Interface
386 LATA  Local Access and Transport Area
387 LCAS  Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme
388 NDVR  Network Digital Video Recording
389 NEBS  Network Equipment Building System
390 LED  Light Emitting Diode
391 LLC  Logical Link Control
392 ISTP  Internet Signaling Transport Protocol
393 HPNA  Home Phoneline Networking Alliance
394 HPOV  Hewlett Packard Open View
395 HQ  High Quality
396 HSA  High Speed Access
397 FSN  Full Service Network
398 FSO  Free Space Optical
399 FTP  File Transfer Protocol
400 EDGE  Enhanced Data-Rates for Global Evolution
401 EIA  Electronics Industry Association
402 DFB  Distributed Feedback
403 DHCP  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
404 DHEI  Digi-Cable Headend Expansion Interface
405 CATV  Community Antenna Television
406 CBR Constant Bit Rate
407 ADSL  Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
408 AES  Advanced Encryption Standard
409 OMG  Object Management Group
410 ONDS  Optical Node Distribution Switch
411 ONT  Optical Network Termination
412 PESQ  Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality
413 PHS  Payload Header Suppression
414 RTP  Real-time Transport Protocol
415 RTPS  Real Time Polling Service
416 SCMS  Serial Copy Management System
417 SCO  Synchronous Connection Oriented
418 SES  Severely Errored Seconds
419 SGC  Signaling Gateway Controller
420 UTI  Universal Transport Interface
421 UTP  Unshielded Twisted Pair-Cable
422 VAD  Voice Activity Detection
423 WECA  Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance
424 WEP  Wired Equivalent Privacy
425 AOD  Advertising On Demand
426 APD  Avalanche Photo Diode
427 PPT  Power Passing Tap
428 PPTP  Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
429 RCA  Root Cause Analysis
430 RDI  Remote Defect Indicator
431 ROI  Return on Investment
432 RTN  Regional Transport Network
433 RTOS  Real Time Operating System
434 SCM  Stored Content Manager
435 SDVOD  Standard Definition Video-on-Demand
436 RPD  Return Path Demodulator
437 RPM  Revolutions Per Minute
438 PPD  Post-pickup Delay
439 PPP  Point-to-Point Protocol
440 SMTP  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
441 SNG Satellite News Gathering
442 TDM  Time Division Multiplexing
443 TEC Triggered Event Command
444 VRTX  Virtual Real-Time Extension
445 SBS  Switched Broadcast Server
446 SBV  Switched Broadcast Video
447 VSA  Vector Signal Analyzer
448 USF  Universal Service Fund
449 USM  User-based Security Model
450 SDRAM  Synchronous Direct Random-Access Memory
451 SDTV  Standard Definition Television
452 RPR  Resilient Packet Ring
453 RTI  Real Time Ingest
454 PSQM  Perceptual Speech Quality Measurement
455 PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
456 CWDM  Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing
457 CWM  Common Warehouse Metamodel
458 CLDC  Connection Limited Device Configuration
459 TIA  Telecommunications Industry Association
460 ACM  Adaptive Coding and Modulation
461 DENI  Digital Entertainment Networking Initiative
462 DES  Data Encryption Standard
463 DFAST  Dynamic Feedback Arrangement Scrambling Technique
464 ADI  Asynchronous Digital Interface
465 MIRS  Motorola Integrated Radio system
466 MTS  Mobile Telephone Service
467 ANF  Aggregate Noise Factor
468 ANSI  American National Standards Institute
469 CALEA  Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
470 ISMS  Integrated Service Management System
471 ISO  International Organization for Standardization
472 LEC  Local Exchange Carrier
473 LVI  Low Voltage Integrator
474 MAC  Media Access Control
475 MCTF  Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering
476 MMI  Man Machine Interface
477 MPC  Media Player Controller
478 NDE  Network Dimensioning Engine
479 NDMH  Non-Degraded Modem Hours
480 NRSS  National Renewable Security Standard
481 NSI  Network Side Interface
482 NTS  Near Term Storage
483 OCSP  Online Certificate Status Protocol
484 OCST  Office of Cable Signal Theft
485 PMT  Program Map Table
486 POD  Point of Deployment
487 OSNR  Optical Signal-to-Noise Ratio
488 OSPF  Open Shortest Path First
489 OSS  Operational Support System
490 OLT  Optical Line Terminal
491 OMA  Open Mobile Alliance
492 ISV  Independent Software Vendor
493 ITA  Interactive Television Association
494 FLR  Frame Loss Ratio
495 FOSC  Fiber Optic Splice Closure
496 EDC  Electronic Dispersion Compensator
497 EDFA  Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
498 DPON  Deep-fiber Passive Optical Network
499 DPSK  Differential Phase Shift Keying
500 DPT  Dynamic Packet Transport
501 SCH  Synchronization Channel
502 SDMA  Spatial Division Multiple Access
503 MC  Message Center
504 MCS  Multi Carrier Mode
505 BTS  Base Transceiver Station
506 DAMPS  Digital Advance Mobile Phone Service
507 DTMF  Dual Tone Multiple Frequency
508 EIRP  Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power
509 ESMR  Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
510 EVPL  Ethernet Virtual Private Line
511 FBI  Federal Bureau of Investigation
512 ATDMA  Asynchronous Time Division Multiple Access
513 ARP  Address Resolution Protocol
514 DVD  Digital Versatile Disc
515 DVI  Display Visual Interface
516 EVC  Ethernet Virtual Circuit
517 EVM  Error Vector Magnitude
518 FEC  Forwarding Equivalence Class
519 FHCS  Fragment Header Check Sequence
520 HDLC  High-Level Data Link Control
521 HDMI  High Definition Multimedia Interface
522 ILEC  Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
523 IMD  Inter-Modulation Distortion
524 INA  Interactive Network Adaptor
525 ISA  Industry Standard Architecture
526 ISDN  Integrated Services Digital Network
527 ISM  Industrial Scientific Medical
528 IVR  Interactive Voice Response
529 KDCF  Korea Digital Cable Forum
530 LTS  Long Term Storage
531 NAT  Network Address Translation
532 NDA  Non-Disclosure Agreement
533 NOC  Network Operations Center
534 NPR  Noise Power Ratio
535 OUI  Organizationally Unique Identifier
536 PAT  Program Association Table
537 OFC  Optical Fiber Communication
538 PLT  Power-Line Telecommunications
539 PMD  Polarization Mode Dispersion
540 PCS  Personal Communications System
541 IRR  Internal Rate of Return
542 LSP  Label Switched Path
543 LSR  Label Switch Router
544 MHP  Multimedia Home Platform
545 MIB  Management Information Base
546 MIDP  Mobile Information Device Profile
547 NMS  Network Management System
548 PDA  Personal Digital Assistant
549 PDW  Polarization Dependent Wavelength
550 OTDR  Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
551 OTN  Optical Transition Node
552 NVM  Non-Volatile Memory
553 NNOC  National Network Operations Center
554 NNTP  Network News Transfer Protocol
555 LDAP  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
556 LDP  Label Distribution Protocol
557 MEN  Metro Ethernet Network
558 NAPT  Network Address and Protocol Translation
559 NAS  Network Attached Storage
560 OEPLAN  Optical Ethernet Private Local Area Network
561 OEVPL  Optical Ethernet Virtual Private Line
562 NIU  Network Interface Unit
563 MER  Modulation Error Ratio
564 MGC  Media Gateway Controller
565 LDPC  Low Density Parity Check
566 LDS  Local Digital Switch
567 IGMP  Internet Group Multicast Protocol
568 IGP  Interior Gateway Protocol
569 IKE  Internet Key Exchange
570 HMS  Headend Management System
571 HOM  High-Order Modulation
572 FDDI  Fiber Distributed Data Interface
573 FEC  Forward Error Correction
574 ESC  Embedded Signaling Channel
575 ESP  Encapsulating Security Payload
576 ETSI  European Telecommunications Standards Institute
577 DUT  Device Under Test
578 DVB  Digital Video Broadcast
579 ASTD  American Society for Training and Development
580 ATA  Advanced Technology Attachment
581 ABSBH  Average Busy Season Busy Hour
582 ACAP  Advanced Common Application Platform
583 ACL  Access Control List
584 ACC  Analog Control Channel
585 APN  Access Point Name
586 SATCOM  Satellite Communications
587 TACS  Total Access Communications Systems
588 A/D  Analog to Digital
589 A/V  Audio/Video
590 AGC  Automatic Gain Control
591 AIS  Alarm Indication Signal
592 DCS  Digital Cross-connect System
593 DCT  Digital Communications (Cable) Terminal
594 DTCP  Digital Transmission Content Protection
595 DUN  Dial-Up Networking
596 ERIM  Erasmus Research Institute of Management
597 ERM  Edge Resource Manager
598 IDS  Intrusion Detection System
599 IDT  Integrated Digital Terminal
600 IEC  International Electrotechnical Commission
601 HDCP  High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection
602 HDD  Hard Disk Drive
603 ITU  International Telecommunications Union
604 IUC  Interval Usage Code
605 AMA  Automatic Message Accounting
606 AAC  Advanced Audio Codec
607 IPMP  Intellectual Property Management and Protection
608 DML  Data Manipulation Language
609 AACS  Advanced Access Content System
610 IPG  Interactive Program Guide
611 IANA  Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
612 ICB  Independent Customer Builds
613 GWC  Gate-Way Controller
614 HAN  Home Area Network
615 HCRP  Hard Copy Cable Replacement
616 IF  Intermediate Frequency
617 IFC  Initial First Cost
618 NASA  National Aeronautics and Space Agency
619 ROW  Return Order Wire
620 BW  Bandwidth
621 DCME  Digital Compressed Multiplication Equipment
622 BER  Bit Error Rate
623 ETACS  Extended TACS
624 IP  Internet Protocol
625 MIN  Mobile Identification Number
626 TDD  Time Division Duplex
627 TFT  Thin Film Transistor
628 HCS  Header Check Sequence
629 HD  High Definition
630 HDBH  High-Day Busy Hour
631 MTNL  Mahanagar Telephone Nigam limited
632 BSNL  Bhrat Snchar Nigm Limited
633 NTSC  National Television Standards Committee
634 NICNET  National Informatics Centre Network
635 LBS  Location-Based Services
636 LCD  Liquid Crystal Display
637 LMR  Land Mobile Radio
638 GMSK  Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying
639 IC  Integrated Circuit
640 GSN  GPRS Support Node
641 OC  Optical Carrier
642 PPDN  Public Packet Data Network
643 IPTA  Internet Protocol Transport Agreement
644 DPI  Digital Program Insertion
645 ICO  Incumbent Cable Operator
646 IDE  Integrated Device Electronics
647 IDEN  Integrated Dispatch Enhanced Network
648 IMEI  International Mobile Equipment Identity
649 IPTV  Internet Protocol Television
650 ICMP  Internet Control Message Protocol
651 DNS  Domain Name System
652 ETDMA  Extended Time Division Multiple Access
653 DNCS  Digital Network Control System

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