Full Form List | Top 100 Important Full Forms

In this page, we have discussed the A to Z full form list, where more than 1500 full forms are available. We have seen many people use abbreviations while talking to others, and the use of abbreviations is increasing day by day. That is why, we have written this post and tried to cover all the Full forms like Education, Exams, Automobile, Computer, Software, Telecom, Banking, Finance, General, Organization, Sports, Political, Social Media, etc.

A to Z Full Form list

Top 100 important full forms.

Full Form List – Starting with A

Acronym Full Form
AAAA Asian Amateur Athletics Association
AAC Advanced Audio Codec
AACI Airport Association Council International
AACS Advanced Access Content System
AAFI Amateur Athletics Federation of India
AAI Airport Authority of India
AAI Archery Association of India
AALA American Automobile Labelling Act
AAP Aam Aadmi Party
AAPSO Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization
AAT Ambient Air Temperature
AB Allahabad Bank
AB Andhra Bank
ABARS Automobile Backward Automatic Ranging System
ABAS Akhil Bharatiya Ashok Sena
ABC Active Body Control
ABCDE Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics
ABD Akhil Bharatiya Dal
ABEDA Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa
ABG Arterial Blood Gas
ABHM Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha
ABI Application Binary Interface
ABMT Anti-Ballistic Missiles Treaty
ABP Ananda Bazaar Patrika News
ABPB Aditya Birla Payments Bank
ABR Available Bit Rate
ABS Anti-lock Braking System
ABSBH Average Busy Season Busy Hour
AC Air Conditioning
AC Alternating Current
ACA Australian Cricketers Association
ACAP Advanced Common Application Platform
ACC Analog Control Channel
ACC Asian Cricket Council
ACC Associated Cement Companies
ACCS Air Conditioning Cycling Switch
ACD Air Conditioning Demand
ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACE Active Cornering Enhancement
ACED Australian Council for Educational Research
ACET Actuarial Common Entrance Test
ACF Auto Correlation Function
ACM Adaptive Coding and Modulation
ACM Airbag Control Module
ACP Air Conditioning Pressure
ACP Assistant Commissioner of Police
ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACS American Chemical Society
ACS Automated Clearing System
ACT America College Test
ACTS Advanced Communication Technology Satellite (NASA)
AD Active Directory
ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance System
ADB Adaptive Driving Beam
ADB Asian Development Bank
ADC Analog to Digital Converter
ADC Automatic Distance Control
ADCB Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
ADFS Active Directory Federation Service
ADG Accommodated Device Gateway
ADI Asynchronous Digital Interface
ADL Automatic Door Lock
ADO Active Data Object
ADR American Depositary Receipt
ADS Auxiliary Discriminating Sensor
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
ADT Advance Technology Demonstration
ADU Autonomous Driving Unit
AECM Airbag Electronic Control Module
AEPS Aadhaar Enabled Payments Switch
AES Advanced Encryption Standard
AFC American Football Conference
AFC Automatic Frequency Control
AFCD Advanced Frontal Crash Dummy
AFCM Alternate Fuel Control Module
AFECM Alternate Fuel Engine Control Module
AFHCS Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Services
AFL Adaptive Front Light
AFMC Armed Forces Medical College
AFO Alternate Fuel Operation
AFR Air Fuel Ratio
AFS Annual Financial Statement
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AGF Asian Games Federation
AGM Annual General Meeting
AGP Accelerated Graphics Port
AGP Asom Gana Parishad
AGVS Automated Guided Vehicle System
AHA Accelerated Hub Architecture
AHLD Automatic Headlamp Levelling Device
AHRC Asian Human Rights Commission
AHS Active Handling System
AIAAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIADMK All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
AIBA Amateur International Boxing Association
AIC Agricultural Insurance Company
AICC All India Congress Committee
AICEE All India Common Entrance Examination
AICET All India Common Entrance Test
AICF All India Chess Federation
AICI Agricultural Insurance Corporation of India
AICTE All India Council for Technical Education
AIDPF All India Democratic People Federation
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIDWA All India Democratic Woman’s Association
AIF Alternative Investment Fund
AIFA All India Football Association
AIFB All India Forward Bloc
AIFB(S) All India Forward Bloc (Subhasist)
AIFF All India Football Federation
AIIMS All India Institute of Medical Science
AILET All India Law Entrance Test
AIM Automotive Interior Material
AIMIM All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen
AIMRP All India Mahila Raj Party
AINRC All India N.R Congress
AIPMT All India Pre-Medical Text
AIPVT All India Pre-Veterinary Test
AIR Air Injection Reaction
AIR Assumed Interest Rate
AIS Alarm Indication Signal
AIS Automatic Idle Speed
AITA All India Tennis Association
AITC All India Trinamool Congress
AITS Administrative Information Technology Services
AITS All India Tennis Association
AIUDF All India United Democratic Front
AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
AKA Also Known As
AKFI Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India
ALCO Asset Liability Committee
ALGOL ALGOrithmic Language
ALM Asset Liability Management
ALR Automatic Locking Retractor
ALU Arithmetic Logical Unit
AM Ante Meridian (Before Noon)
AMA Automatic Message Accounting
AMC American Motors Corporation
AMC Annual Maintenance Contract
AMD Advanced Micro Devices
AMFI Association of Mutual Funds in India
AMFL Association of Mutual Funds in India
AMIE Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers
AML Anti-Money Laundering
AMM Air Mass Meter
AMPS Advanced Mobile Phones System
AMR Adaptive Multi-Rate
AMT Automated Manual Transmission
AMUL Anand Milk Union Limited
AMW Asian Motors Limited
ANBC Adjusted Net Bank Credit
ANF Aggregate Noise Factor
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANVC Andaman Nicobar Vikas Congress
AOAD Arab Organization for Agricultural Development
AOD Advertising on Demand
APB Airtel Payments Bank
APBS Aadhaar Payment Bridge System
APCI Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization
APD Avalanche Photo Diode
APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
API Application Programming Interface
APIPA Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing
APJ Abdul Kalam Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam
APK Android Application Package
APL Above Poverty Line
APL Automatic Programming Language
APM Administered Pricing Mechanism
APM Advanced Power Management
APN Access Point Name
APNPP Andhra Pradesh Navodaya Praja Party
APO Accessory Power Outlets
APP Accelerator Pedal Position
APR Annual Percentage Rate
APSK Amplitude Phase Shift Keying
APT Adjustable part Throttle
ARAI Automotive Research Association of India
ARC Asset Reconstruction Company
ARCNET Attached Resource Computer Network
ARDR Agricultural and Rural Debt Relief
ARF Advertising Research Foundation
ARIB Association of Radio Industries and Businesses
ARIN American Registry of Internet Numbers
ARM Adjustable Rate Mortgage
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
ARP Advance Reservation Period
ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
ASA Automatic Slack Adjuster
ASAP As Soon As Possible
ASARC Air Suspension Automatic Ride Control
ASBA Application Supported by Block Amount
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASEAN Association of South-East Asian Nations
ASEM Asia-Europe Meeting
ASG Automatic-Shift Gearbox
ASI Asynchronous Serial Interface
ASIC Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
ASL Age Sex Location
ASM Asset Management System
ASM Assistant Station Master
ASP Active Server Page
ASP Ambedkar Samaj Party
ASP Application Service Provider
ASP Average Selling Price
ASR Access Switch Router
ASR Automated System Recovery
AST Abstract Syntax Tree
ASTB Advanced Set-Top Box
ASTC Automatic Stability and Traction Control
ASTD American Society for Training and Development
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials
ATC Alarm Traffic Controller
ATC Automatic Temperature Control
ATDMA Asynchronous Time Division Multiple Access
ATLS Automated Truck Loading Systems
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM Automated Teller Machine
ATP Association Of Tennis Professionals
ATS Anti-Terrorism Squad
ATSC Advanced Television Systems Committee
AUC Authentication Center
AUP Acceptable Use Policy
AVC Advanced Video Coding
AVI Audio Video Interleave
AVX Advanced Vector Extensions
AWD All Wheel Drive
AWGN Additive White Gaussian Noise
AWNP Awami National Party
AWT Abstract Window Toolkit
Full form list starting with B

Full Forms – Starting with B

Acronym Full Form
B. A Bachelor of Arts
B. Arch Bachelor of Architecture
B. Com Bachelor of Commerce
B. E Bachelor of Engineering
B. Ed Bachelor of Education
B. J Bachelor of Journalism
B. M Bachelor of Music
B. Pharma. Bachelor of Pharmacy
B. Phil. Bachelor of Philosophy
B. Sc Bachelor of Science
B. Sc. Ag. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
B. Tech Bachelor of Technology
bal Balance
BAL Basic Assembly Language
BAMS Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medical Science
BARC Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
BASIC Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASLP Bachelor of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology
BB Bronto-bytes
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BBM Bachelor of Business Management
BBP Bharatiya Backward Party
BC Before Christ
BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications
BCA Baroda Cricket Association
BCB Bangladesh Cricket Board
BCBS Basel Committee for Banking Supervision
BCBS Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
BCC Blind Carbon Copy
BCCI Board of Control for Cricket in India
BCD Binary Coded Decimal
BCJ Bachelor of Communication and Journalism
BCPL Basic Combined Programming Language
BCR Bar Code Reader
BCSBI Banking Codes and Standards Board of India
BDF Broadband Digital Forward
BDO Block Development Office
BDR Baseband Digital Reverse
BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery
BEL Bharat Electronics Limited
BEMA Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
BEML Bharat Earth Movers Limited
BEMS Bachelor of Electro-Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery
BER Bit Error Rate
BERT Bit Error Rate Test
BEST Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
BFD Binary File Descriptor
BFI Basketball Federation of India
BFS Broadcast File System
BFSc Bachelor of Fisheries Science
BGCF Breakout Gateway Control Function
BGP Border Gateway Protocol
BGVB Bangiya Gramin Vikash Bank
BHEL Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
BHM Bachelor of Hotel Management
BHMCT Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
BHMS Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
BHP Brake Horse Power
BHU Banaras Hindu University(Entrance Examination)
BiDi Bi-Directional
BIFR Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
BINAC Binary Automatic Computer
BIO Bio-Technology
BIOS Basic Input Output System
BIS Bank for International Settlement
BIS Bureau of Indian Standards
BIU Broadband Interface Unit
BJD Biju Janata Dal
BJP Bharatiya Janata Party
BLOB Binary large Object
BLP Bharatiya Labour Party
BLSc. Bachelor of Library Science
BMAT Bio-Medical Admissions Test
BMB Bharatiya Mahila Bank
BMC Bachelor of Mass Communication
BMC Bharatha Makkal Congress
BMD Ballistic Missile Defence
BMD Bone Mineral Density
BME Bio-Medical Engineering
BMEP Brake Mean Effective Pressure
BMI Body Mass Index
BMP Bitmap
BMS Bachelor of Management Studies
BMS Business Management System
BMW Bavarian Motor Works
BNP British National Party
BOB Bank of Baroda
BOD Bandwidth on Demand
BOE Bill of Exchange
BOI Bank of India
BOLT BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) On-Line Trading
BOM Bank Of Maharashtra
BOOT Build Own Operate Transfer
BOP Balance of Payments
BOPL Basic Object Programming Language
BOPL Broadband Over Power Line
BOR Bank of Rajasthan
BOT Build Operate Transfer
BPCL Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
BPF Band-Pass Filter
BPF Bharat Pensioners Front
BPI Baseline Privacy Interface
BPI Bytes Per Inch
BPL Bangladesh Premier League
BPL British Physical Laboratories
BPO Business Process Outsourcing
BPS Bits Per Second
BPT Bachelor of Physiotherapy
BPTP Bharatiya Prajatantra Party
BRAS Broadband Remote Access Server
BRI Brand Rating Index
BRICS Brazil Russia India China And South-Africa
BRS Broadband Radio Service
BSBA Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
BSC Base Station Controller
BSCS Business Support Control System
BSE Bachelor of Software Engineering
BSE Bombay Stock Exchange
BSF Border Security Force
BSFC Brake-Specific Fuel Consumption
BSM Bachelor in Sports Management
BSNL Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
BSP Bahujan Samaj Party
BSR Basic Statistical Returns
BSS Business Support System
BSW Bachelor of Social Work
BTS Base Transceiver Station
BTS Business Telecom Services
BTSC Broadcast Television Systems Committee
BTW By the Way
BVSc. Bachelor of Veterinary Science
BW Bandwidth
BWF Badminton World Federation
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All Full Form – Starting with C

Acronym Full Form
CA Chartered Accountant
CA Cricket Australia
CAB Cable Advertising Bureau
CAB Commercial Agriculture And Business
CABE Central Advisory Board of Education
CAC Call Admission Control
CACP Commission of Agriculture Cost and Price
CAD Computer-Aided Design
CAD Current Account Deficit
CAE Computer–Aided Engineering
CAG Comptroller and Auditor General of India
CAI Computer–Aided Instruction
CAIIB Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers
CAL Computer Aided Leering
CALEA Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAMELS Capital Assets Management Earnings Liquidity Systems
CAMM Computer Aided Manufacturing Measurement
CAMS Computerized Automotive Maintenance System
CAO Chief Accounting Officer
CAP Competitive Access Provider
CAPEX Capital Expenditures
CAPF Central Armed Police Forces
CAQA Computer–Aided Quality Assurance
CAR Capital Adequacy Ratio
CARB California Air Resources Board
CARE Credit Analysis & Research
CASA Current And Savings Accounts
CAT Common Admission Test
CATV Community Antenna Television
CB Canara Bank
CB Corporation Bank
CBC Complete Blood Count
CBD Convention on Biological Diversity
CBDT Central Board of Direct Taxes
CBEC Central Board of Excise and Customs
CBI Central Bank of India
CBI Central Bureau of Investigation
CBI Crime Branch of India
CBLO Collateralized Bank Lending Obligations
CBR Constant Bit Rate
CBS Core Banking Solution
CBSE Central Board of Secondary Education
CBT Computer Based Testing (or Training)
CBW Chemical and Biological Weapons
CC Cash Credit
cc Cash Credit
CC Cubic Capacity
CC Cubic centimeter
CCB Central Co-operative Bank
CCC Course on Computer Concept
CCD Charged Coupled Device
CCDF Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function
CCE Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
CCEA Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
CCI Competition Commission of India
CCI Content Control Information
CCI Cricket Club of India
CCIL Clearing Corporation of India Limited
CCK Complimentary Code Keying
CCL Cash Credit Limit
CCL Central Coal-fields Limited
CCM Constant Coding and Modulation
CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate
CCO Converter Clutch Override
CCOT Cycling Clutch Orifice Tube
CCP Climate Control Panel
CCS Centum Call Seconds
CD Certificate of Deposit
CD Compact Disk
CD ROM Compact Disk-Read Only Memory
CDB Caribbean Development Bank
CDBS Committee of Direction on Banking Statistics
CDC Connected Device Configuration
CDI Capacitor Discharge Ignition
CDM Clean Development Mechanism
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDR Call Detail Record
CDR Corporate Debt Restructuring
CDRL Central Drug Research Institute
CDS Credit Default Swap
CDSE Combined Defence Services Examination
CDSL Central Depository Services Limited
CEA Consumer Electronics Association
CECA Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement
CEED Common Entrance Examination for Design
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CEP Cable Entry Point
CEPA Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
CER Codeword Error Ratio
CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research
CES Circuit Emulation Service
CET Common Entrance Test
CFA Chartered Financial Analyst
CFI Continuous Fuel Injection
CFI Cross Fire Injection
CFI Cycling Federation of India
CFL Compact fluorescent lamp
CFM Certified Financial Manager
CFML Cold Fusion Markup Language
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CFRA Combined Finance and Revenue Accounts
CFRI Central Fuel Research Institute
CFTRI Central Food Technological Research Institute
CGA Color Graphics Array
CGI Common Gateway Interface
CGI Computer Generated Imagery
CGL Combined Graduate Level
CGPA Cumulative Grade Point Average
CGRA Currency and Gold Revaluation Account
CGSA Cellular Geographic Service Areas
CHOGM Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
chq Cheque
CI. Eng Compression Ignition Engine
CIA Certified Internal Auditor
CIBIL Credit Information Bureau India Limited
CIC Central Information Commission
CID Crime Investigation Department
CIFE Central Institute of Fisheries Education
CIFS Common Internet File System
CII Confederation of Indian Industry
CIM Common Information Model
CIR Committed Information Rate
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor
CISF Central Industrial Security Force
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
CITU Centre Of Indian Trade Unions
CLASS Custom Local Area Signaling Services
CLAT Common Law Admission Test
CLDC Connection Limited Device Configuration
CLE Customer Located Equipment
CLEC Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
CLI Command Line Interface
CLR Common Language Run-time
CLV Consumer Lifetime Value
CM Chief Minister
CMA Certified Management Accountant
CMA Credit Monitoring Analysis
CMAT Common Management Admission Test
CMC Computer Maintenance Corporation
CMD Chairman and Managing Director
CMD Command
CMFI Central Multi-port Fuel Injection
CMIS Currency Management Information System
CMLA Content Management License Administrator
CMO Chief Marketing Officer
CMO Chief Medical Officer
CMOS Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CMP Common Minimum Program
CMPKSC Communist Marxist Party Kerala State Committee
CMS Call Management Server
CMSE Combined Medical Services Examination
CMTS Cable Modem Termination System
CNC Computerized Numerical Control
CNG Compressed Natural Gas
CNR Carrier-to-Noise Ratio
CNR Communication Network Riser
COB Close of Business
COBOL Common Business-Oriented Language
COCA Control of Organized Crime Act
COLD Central Office Layout Design
COMEDK Consortium of Medical Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka
COMPUTER Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technology Education and Research
COO Chief Operating Officer
COPS Common Open Policy Service
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CORS Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
COT Central Office Terminal
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CPCB Central Pollution Control Board
CPCRI Central Plantation Crops Research Institute
CPD Common Path Distortion
CPE Chemical Petro Engineering
CPE Customer Premises Equipment
CPFF Commercial Paper Funding Facility
CPFI Central Port Fuel Injection
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPIM Communist Party of India (Marxist)
CPO Central Passport Organization
CPP Certified Payroll Professional
CPRI Central Power Research Institute
CPT Common Proficiency Test
CPU Central Processing Unit
CPWD Central Public Works Department
CRA Contention Resolution Algorithm
CRAR Capital to Risk (Weighted) Assets Ratio
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRDE Common Rail Diesel Engine
CRDI Common Rail Direct Injection
CRFI Common Rail Fuel Injection
CRILC Central Repository of Information on Large Credits
CRIMM Continuity-Rambus Inline Memory Module
CRISIL Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited
CRL Certificate Revocation List
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRMD Credit Risk Management Department
CRPF Central Reserve Police Force
CRR Cash Reserve Ratio
CRS Computer Reservation System
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
CSB Catholic Syrian Bank
CSCF Call State Control Function
CSE Centre for Science and Environment
CSE Civil Services Examination
CSE Computer Science And Engineering
CSFI Central Sequential Fuel Injection
csh Cash
CSH Central Switch Homerun
CSI Common System Interface
CSIR Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSMA Carrier Sense Multiple Access
CSO Central Statistical Organization
CSO Chief Security Officer
CSO Composite Second Order
CSP Content Security Policy
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR Customer Service Representative
CSRF Cross-Site Request Forgery
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
CSS Content Scrambling System
CST Central Sales Tax
CST Central Standard Time
CST Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
CST Computer Science and Technology
CSTC Calcutta State Transport Corporation
CSV Comma Separated Value
CTAM Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing
CTB Composite Triple Beat
CTBT Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty
CTC Calcutta Tramways Company
CTC Cost To Company
CTCP Client–to–Client Protocol
CTI Country Threat Index
CTIA Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association
CTL Computation Tree Logic
CTO Chief Technology Officer
CTR Cathode Ray Tube
CTS Cheque Truncation System
CTS Clear to Send
CTT Commodities Transaction Tax
CUA Common User Access
CUB City Union Bank
CV Curriculum Vitae
CVC Central Vigilance Commission
CVN Calibration Verification Number
CVSS Common Vulnerability Scoring System
CVT Continuously Variable Transmission
CVTI Charged-motion Variable Time Ignition
CWDM Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing
CWE Common Weakness Enumeration
CWM Common Warehouse Metamodel
CWS Continental Wheel System
25 full form list

Full Forms – Starting with D

Acronym Full Form
D. Litt. Doctor of Literature / Doctor of Letters
D. Sc Doctor of Science
DA Daily Allowance
DAC Digital Addressable Controller
DAC Discretionary Access Control
DAMPS Digital Advance Mobile Phone Service
DAO Data Access Objects
DAP Development Action Plan
DAP Direct Access Protocol
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DAS Direct Attached Storage
DAST Dynamic Application Security Testing
DAT Digital Audio Tape
DATE Duly Authorized Telecommunications Entity
DB Dena Bank
DBA Database Administrator
DBOD Department of Banking Operations and Development
DBPSK Differential Binary Phase Shift Keying
DBS Development Bank of Singapore
DBS Direct Broadcast Satellite
DBSN Database Source Name
DC Direct Current
DC District of Columbia
DCA Department of Company Affairs
DCA Digital Cable Application
DCB Demand Collection and Balance
DCB Development Credit Bank
DCC Data Communication Channel
DCCB District Central Co-operative Bank
DCD Downstream Channel Descriptor
DCE Distributed Computing Environment
DCF Dispersion Compensating Fiber
DCME Digital Compressed Multiplication Equipment
DCP Device Control Protocol
DCR Digital Cable Ready
DCS Digital Cross-connect System
DCT Digital Communications (Cable) Terminal
DDIS Direct Diesel Injection System
DDL Data Definition Language
DDR Double Data Rate
DDS Data Dissemination Standards
DDS Deflection Detection System
DDS Digital Data Storage
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
DENI Digital Entertainment Networking Initiative
dep Deposit
DES Data Encryption Standard
DFAST Dynamic Feedback Arrangement Scrambling Technique
DFB Distributed Feedback
DFD Data Flow Diagram
DFI Digital Fuel Injection
DFS Distributed File System
DGI Direct Gasoline Injection
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHEI Digi-Cable Headend Expansion Interface
DHWG Digital Home Working Group
DI. Eng Direct Injection Engine
DIB Device Independent Bitmap
DIB Director of Intelligence Bureau
DICoR Direct Injection Common Rail
DID Direct Inward Dialing
DIG Deputy Inspector General
DIMM Dual In-Line Memory Module
DIVX Digital Video Express
DIY Do it Yourself
DJ Disc Jockey
DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier
DLF Delhi Land and Finance
DLL Data Link Layer
DLL Dynamic Link Library
DLNA Digital Living Network Alliance
DLP Digital Light Processing
DM District Magistrate
DMA Designated Marketing Area
DMA Direct Memory Access
DMC Dual Modem Cards
DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act
DMDK Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam
DMH Degraded Modem Hours
DMIC Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor
DMK Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam
DML Data Manipulation Language
DMRL Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory
DMS Database Migration Service
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
DNA Di-oxyribo Nucleic Acid
DNCS Digital Network Control System
DNS Domain Name System
Doc Document (Microsoft Corporation)
DOEACC Department Of Electronics and Accreditation of Computer Course
DOHC Double Over Head Camshaft
DOP Director of photography
DOS Disk Operating System
DPCM Differential Pulse Code Modulator
DPEP District Primary Education Program
DPG Deferred Payment Guarantee
DPI Digital Program Insertion
DPI Dots Per Inch
DPMS Display Power Management Signaling
DPN Demand Promissory Note
DPON Deep-fiber Passive Optical Network
DPP Delhi Poorvanchal Party
DPSK Differential Phase Shift Keying
DPT Dynamic Packet Transport
DQL Data Query Language
Dr. Doctor
DRAM Dynamic Random-Access Memory
DRAT Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal
DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture
DRDO Defence Research and Development Organization
DRI Differential Rate of Interest
DRM Digital Rights Management
DRS Decision Review System
DRS Distributed Resource Scheduler
DSA Digital Signature Algorithm
DSA Dynamic Service Addition
DSBB Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board
DSCC Distance Sensing Cruise Control
DSCP Differentiated Service Code Point
DSCR Debt Service Coverage Ratio
DSHD Double Sided High Density
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
DSL Domain–Specific Language
DSLR Digital Single-Lens Reflex
DSP Deputy Superintendent of Police
DSP Digital Signal Processor
DSS Direct Satellite Services
DSSS Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum
DST Department of Science and Technology
DSU Dispute Settlement Understanding
DTA Data Transfer Adapter
DTAA Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
DTC Digital Traffic Channel
DTCP Digital Transmission Content Protection
DTE Data Terminal Equipment
DTE Directorate of Technical Education
DTMF Dual Tone Multiple Frequency
DTP Desk-Top Publishing
DTR Data Terminal Ready
DTS Digital Theater System
DTSI Digital Twin Spark Ignition
DUMET Delhi University Medical-Dental Entrance Test
DUN Dial-Up Networking
DUT Device Under Test
DVB Digital Video Broadcast
DVC Damodar Valley Corporation
DVD Digital Versatile Disk
DVE Digital Video Effects
DVI Digital Visual Interface
DVI Display Visual Interface
DVP Delivery Versus Payment
DVR Digital Video Recorder
DVS Digital Video Standard
DWDM Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex
top 100 important full forms

Full Forms List – starting with E

Acronym Full Form
EAC East African Community
EADB East African Development Bank
EAMCET Engineering, Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test
EAS Emergency Alert System
EATC Electronic Automatic Temperature Control
EB Exa-bytes
EBC Electronic Brake Control
EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
EBD Electronic Brakeforce Distribution
EBRD European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
EC. Eng External Combustion Engine
ECA Essential Commodity Act
ECAT Engineering College Admission Test
ECB England and Wales Cricket Board
ECB European Central Bank
ECB External Commercial Borrowing
ECC Electronic Climate Control
ECC ERP Central Component
ECC European Cricket Council
ECC Excise Control Code
ECE Economic Commission for Europe
ECGC Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation
ECM Electronics and Computer Engineering
ECM European Common Market
ECP Extended Capabilities Port
ECR Efficient Consumer Response
ECS Electronic Clearing Service
EDC Electronic Dispersion Compensator
EDF Export Development Fund
EDFA Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
EDGE Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDMU External Debt Management Unit
EDP Electronic Data Processing
EDP Entrepreneurship Development Program
EEA Exchange Equalization Account
EEC European Economic Community
EEC European Energy Commission
EEE Electrical and Electronic Engineering
EEFC Exchange Earners’ Foreign Currency
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EFI Electronic Fuel Injection
EFR Exchange Fluctuation Reserve
EFS Encrypting File System
EFT Electronic Fund Transfer
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale
EGOM Empowered Group Of Ministers
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EHB Electro-Hydraulic Brake
EHCU Electronic Hydraulic Control Unit
EHOC Electrically Heated Oxidation Catalyst
EHPS Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering
EIA Electronics Industry Association
EIB European Investment Bank
EIDE Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
EIE Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
EIGRP Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
EIR Excess Information Rate
EIRP Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power
EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EJB Enterprise Java Bean
ELAT English Literature Admissions Test
ELF Executable and Linkable Format
ELSS Equity Linked Saving Scheme
EMI Electro-Magnetic Interference
EMI Equated Monthly Installment
EML Externally Modulated Laser
EMM Entitlement Management Message
EMP Electro-Magnetic Pulse
EMS Element Management System
EMS European Monetary System
EOD End of the Day
EOE Errors and Omissions Excepted
EOP Engine Oil Pressure
EOT Engine Oil Temperature
EPFO Employee Provident Fund Organization
EPG Electronic Program Guide
EPHS Electrically Powered Hydraulic Steering
EPL Ethernet Private Line
EPON Ethernet Passive Optical Network
EPOS Electronic Point Of Sale
EPP Enhanced Parallel Port
EPR Exhaust Pressure Regulator
EPRI Electric Power Research Institute
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EPS Earnings per Share
EPS Electric Power Steering
EPS Encapsulated Post-Script
ERD Emergency Repair Disk
ERIM Erasmus Research Institute of Management
ERM Edge Resource Manager
ERNET Education and Research Network
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ERTS Earth Resources Technology Satellite
ESA European Space Agency
ESC Electronic Stability Control
ESC Electronic Stability Control
ESC Embedded Signaling Channel
ESCAP Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacify
ESCM Energy Storage Control Module
ESD Electro Static Discharge
ESI Employees State Insurance
ESIC Employees State Insurance Corporation
ESMA Essential Services Maintenance Act
ESMR Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
ESOP Employee Stock Ownership Plan
ESP Encapsulating Security Payload
ESRO European Space Research Organization
ETC Electronic and Tele-Communication
ETDMA Extended Time Division Multiple Access
ETF Exchange Traded Funds
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute
ETUC European Trade Union Confederation
EU European Union
EVC Ethernet Virtual Circuit
EVDO Evolution Data Optimized Or Evolution Data Only
EVM Error Vector Magnitude
EVO Electronic Variable Orifice
EVPL Ethernet Virtual Private Line
EVRV Electronic Vacuum Regulator Valve
Full Form starting with F

Full Form List – F

AcronymFull Form
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FAT Factory Acceptance Test
FAT File Allocation Table
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCA Foreign Currency Assets
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FCCB Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
FCEB Foreign Currency Exchangeable Bonds
FCI Food Corporation of India
FCNRA Foreign Currency Non-Resident Account
FCP Fiber Channel Protocol
FCRC Fragment Cyclic Redundancy Check
FCS Frame Check Sequence
FCUK French Connection United Kingdom
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FDC Floppy Disk Controller
FDD Floppy Disk Drive
FDD Frequency Division Duplexed
FDDI Fiber-Distributed Data Interface
FDE Ford Duratorq Engine
FDI Foreign Direct Investment
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FDM Frequency Division Modulation
FDMA Frequency-Division Multiple Access
FEC Forward Error Correction
FEC Forwarding Equivalence Class
FEDAI Foreign Exchange Dealers Association of India
FEMA Foreign Exchange Management Act
FERA Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
FGT Fixed Geometry Turbocharger
FHCS Fragment Header Check Sequence
FHP Frictional Horse Power
FHS Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
FIBA Federation International Basketball Association
FICA Federation of International Cricketers’ Association
FICCI Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
FIFA Federation International Football Association
FIFO First In, First Out
FIH Federation of International Hockey
FII Foreign Institutional Investors
FIMMDA Fixed Income Money Markets and Derivatives Association
FINO Financial Inclusion Network & Operations Limited
FIPB Foreign Investment Promotion Board
FIPL Fuel Injection Pump Lever
FIR First Information Report
FLAG Fiber Link Around the Globe
FLR Frame Loss Ratio
FM Frequency Modulation
FMCG Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
FOB Free On Board
FOF Flow Of Funds
FOREX Foreign Exchange
FOSC Fiber Optic Splice Closure
FOSS Free and open-source software
FPI Fins Per Inch
FPI Foreign Portfolio Investment
FPM Federal Party of Manipur
FPM Fuel Pump Monitor
FPO Follow on Public Offer
FPRC Fuel Pressure Regulator Circuit
FPT Food Processing Technology
FPU Floating Point Unit
FRA Forward Rate Agreement
FRB Federal Reserve Banks
FRB Federal Reserve Board
FRBM Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management
FRN Floating Rate Note
FSK Frequency Shift Keying
FSN Full-Service Network
FSO Free Space Optical
FSRASC Financial Sector Regulatory Appointment Search Committee
FSS Fixed Satellite Service
FSSA Food Safety and Standards Authority (Of India)
FSSAI Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
FTA Free Trade Area
FTMD Full Track Music Download
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FTP Fuel Tank Pressure
FUD Fully Un-Detectable
FXP File Exchange Protocol
FYA For Your Action
FYI For Your Information
A to Z full form list

Full Form list starting with G

AcronymFull Form
GAA Geography Admissions Assessment
GAAR General Anti-Avoidance Rule
GAIL Gas Authority of India Limited
GAMSAT Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test
GATE Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GB Giga-bytes
GBP Great Britain Pound
Gbps Gigabits Per Second
GCC Gulf Co-operation Council
GCET Goa Common Entrance Test
GCET Gujarat Common Entrance Test
GCR Group Code Recording
GDI Gasoline Direct Injection
GDI Graphics Device Interface
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GDR Global Depositary Receipt
GEF Global Environment Fund
GEO Geostationary Earth Orbit
GFD Gross Fiscal Deficit
GFP Goa Forward Party
GFS Government Finance Statistics
GIC General Insurance Corporation
GIGO Garbage In Garbage Out
GIRO Government Internal Revenue Order
GIS Geographical Information system
GLS Generalized Least Squares
GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test
GMO Genetically Modified Organism
GMR Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao (Group )
GMRS General Mobile Radio Service
GMS Gold Monetization Scheme
GMSK Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GNIE Government Not Included Elsewhere
GNP Gross National Product
GoI Government of India
GOOGLE Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth
GP Graphics port
GPA Grade Point Average
GPAT Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test
GPD Gross Primary Deficit
GPL General Public License
GPO General Post Office
GPRS General Packet Radio Service
GPS Global Positioning System
GPU Graphics Processing Unit
GRA Global Research Alliance
GRE Generic Routing Encapsulation
GRE Graduate Record Examinations
GRM Global Resource Manager
GRSE Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers
GSM Global System for Mobile
GSM Global System for Mobile (Communication)
GSN GPRS Support Node
GSRM Global System Resource Manager
GST Goods and Service Tax
GUI Graphical User Interface
GVRP GARP VLAN Registration Protocol
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
GWC Gate-Way Controller
GWP Global Warming Potential
Full Form starting with H

All full form – Starting with H

AcronymFull Form
HAC High Availability Clusters
HAC Hindustan Aluminium Corporation
HAD Highly Autonomous Driving
HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer
HAN Home Area Network
HAT History Aptitude Test
HCCI Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition
HCI Human-Computer Interaction
HCL Hardware Compatibility List
HCM Heating Control Module
HCM Hybrid Control Module
HCRP Hard Copy Cable Replacement
HCS Header Check Sequence
HCU Hydraulic Control Unit
HCV Heavy Commercial Vehicle
HD High Definition
HDBH High-Day Busy Hour
HDCP High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection
HDD Hard Disk Drive
HDFC Housing Development Finance Corporation
HDI Human Development Index
HDLC High-Level Data Link Control
HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface
HDT Host Digital Terminal
HDTV High Definition Television
HEPS Hydraulic Electric Power Steering
HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle
HHD Hybrid Hard Drive
HI Hockey India
HID Human Interface Device
HIG Human Interface Guidelines
HIL Hockey India League
HIT Headend Interface Terminal
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HJP Hindustan Janta Party
HMS Headend Management System
HOM High-Order Modulation
HP Hewlett Packard
HP Horse Power
HPAT Health Professions Admissions Test
HPCMAT Himachal Pradesh Combined Management Aptitude Test
HPDI High-Pressure Direct Injection
HPFS High-Performance File System
HPNA Home Phoneline Networking Alliance
HPOV Hewlett Packard Open View
HQ Head Quarters
HQ High Quality
HR Human Resource
HRD Human Resource Department
HSA High-Speed Access
HSBC Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
HSC Higher Secondary Certificate
HSD High-Speed Data
HSDPA High-Speed Downlink Packet Access
HSI High-Speed Internet
HSPDP Hill State People Democratic Party
HSS Home Subscriber Server
HTC High Tech Computer
HTM Hierarchical Temporal Memory
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
HTPC Home Theatre Personal Computer
HTTP Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTPS Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
HTX Hyper Transport Expansion
HUDCO Housing and Urban Development Corporation
HUF Hindu Undivided Family
HVAC Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning
HVD Holographic Versatile Disk
HVI High Viscosity Index
Full Form starting with i

Full Forms List – Starting with ‘I’

AcronymFull Form
IAAF International Association of Athletics Federations
IAAI International Airport Authority of India
IAAS Indian Audit and Accounts Service
IABF Indian Amateur Boxing Federation
IAC Indian Airlines Corporation
IADB Inter-American Development Bank
IADF International Agriculture Development Fund
IAE Integral Absolute Error
IAE Intelligence Agency Executive
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IAF Indian Armed Forces
IAG Interactive Advertising Guidelines
IAM Identity and Access Management
IAMS Intelligent Asset Management System
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IARI Indian Agricultural Research Institute
IAS Indian Administrative Service
IAS Integrated Accounting Systems
IAST International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration
IATA International Air Transport Association
IB Indian Bank
IB Intelligence Bureau
IBA Indian Banks Association
IBBI Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India
IBEF India Brand Equity Foundation
IBF Indian Boxing Federation
IBM International Business Machines
IBMDP Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme
IBPS Institute of Banking Personnel Selection
IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
IBS International Banking Statistics
IBSF International Billiards and Snooker Federation
IBU International Banking Unit
IC Integrated Circuit
IC. Eng Internal Combustion Engine
ICAI Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAR Indian Council of Agricultural Research
ICAS Indian Civil Accounts Service
ICB Independent Customer Builds
ICBC Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
ICBM Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
ICC International Cricket Council
ICCW Indian Council for Child Welfare
ICDO International Civil Defence Organization
ICDS Integrated Child Development Service
ICE In Case of Emergency
ICE In-Circuit Emulator
ICE Instrumentation and Control Engineering
ICE Internal Combustion Engine
ICF All-India Carrom Federation
ICF Integral Coach Factory
ICF International Canoe Federation
ICFB India Chess Federation for the Blind
ICG Indian Coast Guard
ICHR Indian Council for Historical Research
ICICI Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
ICJ International Court of Justice
ICL Indian Cricket League
ICLS Indian Corporate Law Service
ICM Ignition Control Module
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICMR Indian Council of Medical Research
ICO Incumbent Cable Operator
ICOR Incremental Capital Output Ratio
ICP Injection Control Pressure
ICP Internet Cache Protocol
ICPC International Centre for the Prevention of Crime
ICR Intelligent Character Recognition
ICRA Internet Content Rating Association
ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross
ICS Internet Connection Sharing
ICSE Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
ICT Information and Communications Technology
ICU Intensive Care Unit
ICWA Indian Child Welfare Act
ID Identity Document
IDA International Development Association
IDAS Indian Defence Accounts Service
IDBI Industrial Development Bank of India
IDD Industrial Development Department
IDE Integrated Development Environment
IDE Integrated Device Electronics
IDEN Integrated Dispatch Enhanced Network
IDES Indian Defence Estates Service
IDFC Infrastructure Development Finance Company
IDR Indian Depository Receipts
IDRBT Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology
IDS Intrusion Detection System
IDT Integrated Digital Terminal
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IELTS International English Language Testing System
IEPF Investors Education and Protection Fund
IES Indian Economic Service
IES Indian Engineering Services
IESE Indian Economic Service Examination
IEST The Indian Economic Service Technology
IEX Indian Energy Exchange
IF Intermediate Frequency
IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development
IFAF International Federation of American Football
IFB Indian Fine Blank
IFC Initial First Cost
IFC International Finance Corporation
IFFCO Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited
IFG International Gymnastics Federation
IFI International Financial Institutions
IFR Investment Fluctuation Reserve
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standard
IFS Indian Foreign Service
IFS Indian Forest Service
IFS International Financial Statistics
IFSC Indian Financial System Code
IFSC International Federation of Sport Climbing
IFTU International Federation of Trade Unions
IFWJ Indian Federation of Working Journalists
IG Inspector General (of Police)
IGAD Inter-Governmental Authority on Development
IGF International Golf Federation
IGLS Iterative Generalized Least Squares
IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol
IGP Interior Gateway Protocol
IGRP Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
IHAI Ice Hockey Association of India
IHF International Handball Federation
IHF International Hockey Federation
IHP Indicated Horse Power
IHV Independent Hardware Vendor
IIBF Indian Institute of Banking and Finance
IIBI Industrial Investment Bank of India
IICRA Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency
IIFL India Infoline Finance Limited
IIFT Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
IIHF International Ice Hockey Federation
IIHM International Institute of Hotel Management
IIM Indian Institute of Management
IIOP Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
IIP Index of Industrial Production
IIPA Indian Institute of Public Administration
IIS Indian Information Service
IIS Internet Information Services
IISS International Institute of Strategic Studies
IISWBM Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management
IIT Indian Institute of Technology
IJF International Judo Federation
IKE Internet Key Exchange
ILEC Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier
IMA Indian Medical Association
IMA Indian Military Academy
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
IMD India Millennium Deposits
IMD Inter-Modulation Distortion
IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity
IMEP Indicated Mean Effective Pressure
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMN Intelligent Mobile Network
IMO International Maritime Organization
IMPS Immediate Payment Service
IMRB Indian Market Research Bureau
IMS Integrated Management Systems
IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity
IMSO International Mobile Satellite Organization
IMT Instant Money Transfer
IN Intelligent Network
INA Interactive Network Adaptor
INC Indian National Congress
IND India’s Nuclear Doctrine
INDP Inter-Nationalist Democratic Party
INDU Indian National Defence University
INLD Indian National Lok Dal
INLF Indian National Lacrosse Federation
INLP Indian National Labour Party
INR Indian Rupee
IOA Indian Olympic Associate
IOB Indian Overseas Bank
IOC International Olympic Committee
IOFS Indian Ordnance Factories Service
IOPS Input/output Operations Per Second
IOS Internetwork Operating System
iOS iPhone Operating System
IP Internet Protocol
IPA International Phonetic Alphabet
IPA iOS Application Archive
IPAT Internet Protocol Access Terminal
IPC Indian Penal Code
IPC Inter-Process Communication
IPCC Integrated Professional Competence Course
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IPDR Internet Protocol Detail Record
IPDT Internet Protocol Digital Terminal
IPE Industrial Production Engineering
IPEC International Program on Elimination of Child Labor
IPFT Indigenous People Front of Tripura
IPG Interactive Program Guide
IPI International Press Institute
IPL Indian Premier League
IPMP Intellectual Property Management and Protection
IPO Initial Public Offering
IPP Internet Printing Protocol
IPPB India Post Payments Bank
IPPB India Post Payments Bank
IPR Intellectual Property Right
IPS Indian Police Service
IPTA Internet Protocol Transport Agreement
IPTV Internet Protocol Television
IPU Inter-Parliamentary Union
IPV4 Internet Protocol Version 4
IPV6 Internet Protocol Version 6
IPX Internetwork Packet Exchange
IQ Intelligence Quotient
IRA Individual Retirement Account
IRAS Indian Railway Accounts Service
IRB Institutional Review Board
IRBI Industrial Reconstruction Bank Of India
IRC Internet Relay Chat
IRCTC Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation
IrDA Infrared DATA Association
IRDA Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
IRDP Integrated Rural Development Program
IREP Integrated Rural Energy Planning
IRFU Indian Rugby Football Union
IRMA Institute of Rural Management Anand
IRPS Indian Railway Personnel Service
IRQ Interrupt Request
IRR Internal Rate of Return
IRS Indian Revenue Service
IRTS Indian Railway Traffic Service
IS Indian Services
ISA Industry Standard Architecture
ISA International Solar Alliance
ISC Indian School Certificate
ISC Internet Storm Center
ISCSI Internet Small Computer Storage Interface
ISD International Subscriber Dialing
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISEET Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test
ISF International Snowboard Federation
ISFC Indicated Specific Fuel Consumption
ISG Integrated Starter Generator
ISG Intelligent Services Gateway (Cisco)
ISH Information Super Highway
ISI Indian Standards Institute
ISI Indian Standards Institute
ISI Inter-Services Intelligence
ISIC International Standard Industrial Classification
ISM Industrial Scientific Medical
ISM Information Services Manager
ISMS Integrated Service Management System
ISO Interior Systems Optimization
ISO International Organization for Standardization
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISR Interrupt Service Routine
ISRO Indian Space Research Organization
ISS Indian Statistical Service
ISS International Space Station
ISSF International Shooting Sport Federation
ISTP Internet Signaling Transport Protocol
ISU International Skating Union
ISV Independent Software Vendor
IT Income Tax
IT Information Technology
IT Information Technology
ITA Information Technology Agreement
ITA Interactive Television Association
ITBP Indo-Tibetan Border Police
ITC Indian Tobacco Company
ITC Indian Trade Centre
ITDC Indian Tourism Development Corporation
ITER International Thermonuclear Experiment Reactor
ITES Information Technology Enabled Services
ITF International Tennis Federation
ITHF International Table Hockey Federation
ITI Industrial Training Institute
ITO Income-Tax Officer
ITRS International Transaction Reporting System
ITSO International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
ITTF International Table Tennis Federation
ITU International Telecommunications Union
IUC Interval Usage Code
IUML Indian Union Muslim League
IVB ING Vysya Bank
IVCS Integrated Vehicle Control System
IVR Interactive Voice Response
IVRS Interactive Voice Response System
IVSC Integrated Vehicle Speed Control
IWF International Weightlifting Federation

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