How To Download and Install Java in Windows 10 Step by Step

Java is a class-based object-oriented and widely used programming languages, and Java has been one of the most popular programming languages ​​for many years. The demand of Java is always high, so if you want to be a Java programmer and run Java program on your system, you must install it, moreover there are many software in the market that rely directly on Java. So to run this type of software you need to have Java installed on your system.

In this article we will learn how to install Java in Windows 10.

We are considering that Java is not installed on your system. But if you have a little confusion, you can confirm by following this step.

        Press windows logo + r and a popup window will open and type cmd there and press Ok button.

We hope the command prompt is open, then type java -version in cmd and press Enter, if it shows Java version which means Java is already installed on your system, or shows the image below this means Java is not installed on your system.

Check java is installed or not

So to install java on your system, please follow below steps.

Step – 1

Download Java for Windows 10.

Download the java installation .exe file from Oracle website, and Java 17 is the latest version at the time of writing this article. But it doesn’t matter what is the latest version because all the steps are same as mentioned below.
Download Link :-

Download and Install Java in Windows

Scroll down the page, and you’ll see three options: Linux, macOS, Windows, and click on Windows. Because we are going to install Java on Windows system.

                  There are three files in Windows section, .zip, .exe, .msi file but we will only download .exe file so click on it.

Download selected java exe file

We hope the download has started.

Step – 2

Install Java on Windows 10.

After successfully downloading the java .exe file, please locate the file and double-click on it. Once the Java Installation Wizard opens, click on the Next button as shown below.


If we want to install the Java Development Kit in the default directory, click the Next button, and remember the directory. Or you can change this directory by clicking the Change button.

Select default java installation folder

Installation will begin as shown in the image below and will take some time, so wait until it is successfully installed.

Java is installing

You can see that Java has been successfully installed in the image below, then click on the Close button.

java is successfully installed

This is all about how to install Java, and we hope you have successfully installed Java on your system, Note that Java installation is not a complete setup, there is one more step which is Java Path Environment Setup.

You can set up the Java Path Environment using the steps mentioned in this article.

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