Cricket Lovers Shouldn’t Dare Miss These Games

Cricket Lovers Shouldn't Dare Miss These Games

In India, cricket pulsates through the nation’s veins. It ignites an unparalleled passion that transcends all boundaries. The roaring stadiums, the unfathomable excitement, and the deafening cheers are a symphony of fervor that resonates with every India. In this country, cricket isn’t just a game. It is a cultural phenomenon, a way of life. It unites millions in a spirited celebration of resilience, talent, and unwavering love for the sport. As an ardent cricket fan, you would want to engage with the game in every possible way. One of those is playing online cricket games. These games are an excellent way to experience field action virtually. The best cricket-based games you mustn’t miss are given below

Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

The USP of Sachin Saga Cricket Champions is that you can play as Master Blaster. You will play all the iconic matches Sachin and in the same stadiums as he did. The game features different modes like Tests, T20, One-days, World Cup, Premier League, etc. The motion-captured animations and high-end graphics add a visual treat.


How can you use all the cricketing knowledge you’ve amassed over the years? Use it to play Opinio on MPL and win big rewards. This is an online cricket prediction game where answering yes or no to simple questions like who will win today’s match will fetch you cash prizes. It is an interesting game where your knowledge of cricket will help predict the possible outcomes of the ongoing tournaments.

World Cricket Championship (WCC) 3

WCC 3 offers a realistic take on cricket with professional commentary, intuitive controls, and multiplayer support. The game features real-time motion capture of cricketers and custom stadiums. The game has professional commentary from Isa Guha, Matthew Hayden, Abhinav Mukund, and more. There’s a brand-new Career mode where you can create and manage your virtual team.

Real Cricket 22

Real Cricket 22 is popular for offering an authentic cricket experience with real-time multiplayer games. You can play the games unranked 1V1 or ranked, Pro Series, Dream Team Challenge, and Premier League. The game has several international and domestic tournaments, including Asian Cup, World Cup, Master Cup, and more. Its realistic animations and motion capture add an exciting edge to the game. There are over 500 new batting shots in the game, along with live commentary from Sanjay Manjrekar, Lisa Sthalekar, and more.

Stick Cricket Live

Stick Cricket Live is an exhilarating 1V1 multiplayer cricket game featuring several stadiums worldwide. The game has an intense batting test where players can play a lot of cricket shots to beat their opponent. To have a tactical advantage over opponents, you must keep upgrading your bowlers.

Real Cricket GO

Real Cricket GO delivers a fantastic cricket experience featuring international tournaments like Asia Cup, World Cup, Champions Cup, and more. The game’s size is small, and it is built for low-end devices. Hence, the game is better optimized and lightweight. You can play it anywhere.

Cricket Clash

Cricket Clash is another interesting cricket game that you must not miss. The game offers a chance to embrace your batting abilities, and it is highly praised by cricket enthusiasts who take batting as a priority. It is a 1V1 multiplayer game, and you get two overs to score runs. Hit your best shots and beat your opponent.

CSK Battle of Chepauk 2

CSK Battle for Chepauk 2 is a must-have game for MS Dhoni’s fans. It is a multiplayer online cricket game offering players the chance to create their IPL CSK team with Dhoni as the captain. Players can create their team and select players within five different modes, including multiplayer, super over, slog, and super chase. You can play the game in public or private mode

Cricket Super Sixes Challenge

Do you wish to indulge in a quick cricket game? Check out Cricket Super Sixes Challenge. In this game, focus on hitting over the pavilion like the cricketer you worship. You can show your maneuver in quite a few balls and get the chance to be a champion in the grand online cricket leagues. The game involves real cricketing skills to beat the opponents and emerge as an expert.

Epic Cricket

Epic Cricket is a multiplayer game offering you a chance to participate in cricket tournaments like Cricket Champions Cup, Asia Cup, T20 World Cup, ODI World Cup, etc. The game has twenty international teams and two hundred and fifty authentic animations for bowling, batting, and fielding. The game has a high frame rate mode and live events with live player auctions. Additionally, it has live commentary in Hindi and English. Epic Cricket is a true paradise for cricket lovers. But unfortunately, it is only available on Android.

Godspeed Cricket League

Godspeed Cricket League is a good choice for cricket lovers wanting to experience on-field action while sitting in the comfort of their homes. The game offers meticulous statistics and realistic graphics. It adds a lot of suspense to the gameplay, and players get a chance to create their cricket teams and challenge others to compete with them in a tournament. Besides these, you can play fantasy cricket games. In fantasy cricket, you can create your virtual cricket team and earn points depending on the players’ real performance on the field. So, flex your knowledge of your cricket and engage in online cricket games to show off your fervent love for the game. Best of luck!