10 Easy Ways to Open Calculator in Windows Computer

The calculator is a very useful pre-installed application in Windows Computer, now calculator application is very powerful, and many features are available like mathematical, graphical, programming all types of calculations you can do in this app. There are many users who use this application regularly in their careers. And basically, in this post, we have tried to show the possible Easy Ways to Open Calculator in Windows Computer.

List of Easy Ways to Open Calculator in Windows Computer

1: Open Calculator With the Run Command

There are many ways to open a calculator, but the most useful and smart way to open a calculator is through run command. Just press Windows Logo + r then a small pop-up will come up and write their calc, and click enter.

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2: Create a Desktop Shortcut to Open Calculator

Follow the steps below to create a desktop shortcut for the calculator.

Step 1: Right-click on the empty space on your Windows desktop, now select New –> Shortcut then a new window will open.

Create Shortcut Key to open calculator

Step 2: Now enter the location of the calculator: C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe, then click on the Next button. Again a new window will open.

Shortcut Key to open calculator

Step 3: Here Enter any name for the desktop shortcut, and click on Finish Button. After clicking the finish button, a new shortcut will create for calculator and shortcut icon will show on your desktop.

making Shortcut Key to open calculator

3: Create a Keyboard Shortcut to Open Calculator

As there is no official keyboard shortcut to open Windows calculator, so what we will do, we will just make our own chosen keyboard shortcut to open the calculator with the help of some customization.

Step 1: Right Click on your New Shortcut icon(which is created in the above mention steps) and select properties, then go to the Shortcut key: option under the Shortcut tab. Put any letter or number inside the Shortcut Key: box. If you put any letter by default it will show that Ctrl+Alt+your given letter, or if you put any number then it will show that Num space given number. Now click on Apply –> OK.

easy way to open calculator

Now all process is done and hopefully your keyboard shortcut is created. Now go back to the normal desktop, and to open the calculator press Ctrl+Alt+Your given letter or press only the given number which you have entered in the previous step in the Shortcut key: box. For me, the shortcut to open the calculator would be Ctrl+Alt+C.

4: Open Calculator using Taskbar shortcut

If you use a calculator regularly, then do one thing, open the calculator and right-click on Calculator logo which is shown in the taskbar then click on “Pin to taskbar“. now count the position of calculator logo in taskbar. Now press winlogo+position, In my case position is 6, so the shortcut will be winlogo+6.

Open Calculator using taskbar shortcut
Open calculator from taskbar

5. Open Calculator From File Explorer

Step 1: Open Windows File Explorer (Press Winlogo + E )
Step 2: In the address bar type “calc” and press Enter. (Select Address bar –> Winlogo + L)

open calculator through file explorer

6. Open Calculator using browser.

This is also a possible way to open a calculator, open any browser, type in the URL bar ms-calculator: And then press enter button.

Open windows calculator from website

7: Open Calculator Using Command Prompt

Step 1: Press Winlogo + r –> type cmd –> ok,
Step 2: Now type calc and press enter.

Open Calculator through CMD

8: Open Calculator using PowerShell

Open PowerShell and type their calc and hit Enter.

Open Calculator through PowerShell

9: Open Calculator using Start Menu

The most obvious choice for users is to use the Start menu. Click on Windows logo in the left-down corner and find the calculator alphabetically and open it.

Easy Ways to Open Calculator in Windows Computer

10. Open the Calculator via Cortana Search

Click the Search box in the taskbar, type calc, and press enter.

Open the Calculator via Cortana Search

This is the all possible way to open calculator, I hope I have been able to explain all the procedures to you well, and now it’s your decision, you can use any way to open the calculator. And finally if you have any doubts or queries, please feel free to ask in the comment box.

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