100+ Calculator Shortcut Key for Windows 10 and 11

Windows calculator is very easy to use and has the functionality of standard, scientific, programmer, and graphing calculation, beside this thing this calculator has another level of unit converting features. This is the perfect calculating application which is made by Microsoft and this is completely free. In this post, we have focused on a list of calculator shortcut key for Windows.

Windows Calculator is a pre-installed application in the Windows operating system, this application has been in use for many years, this application was first included in Windows 1.0

In the initial stage when this application was added to Windows 1.0 there was only one feature which is simple arithmetic then scientific mode was added in the version Windows 3.0 after that new features were added from time to time and now this Windows calculator has various modes. This application can be helpful in doing your normal calculations, scientific calculations, plotting and analyzing equations on a graph, and evaluating algebraic, trigonometric, and also complex mathematical expressions.

Calculator Shortcut Key For Windows 10 and 11

Calculator Shortcut key for Windows
Standard Mode
Alt + 1Switch to Standard mode
Alt + 2Switch to Scientific mode
Alt + 3Switch to Graphing mode
Alt + 4Switch to Programmer mode
Alt + 5Switch to Date Calculation mode
Ctrl + PSubtract from memory (Works in Standard, Scientific, and Programmer mode)
Ctrl + QStore in memory (Works in Standard, Scientific, and Programmer mode)
Ctrl + MStore in memory (Works in Standard, Scientific and Programmer mode)
Ctrl + RRecall from memory (Works in Standard, Scientific, and Programmer mode)
Ctrl + LClear memory
Ctrl + Shift + DClear History
DeleteClear current input
EscClear Full input
TabNavigate to the next item
SpacebarSelects an item that has focused
EnterSelects = (Works in Standard, Scientific, and Programmer mode)
F9Select +/- (Works in Standard, Scientific, and Programmer mode)
%Select % (Works in Standard and Programmer mode)
RSelect 1/x (Works in Standard  and Scientific mode)
@Select 2√x (Works in Standard  and Scientific mode)
Ctrl + HShow history
Up arrowMove up
Down arrowMove down

The most amazing thing is that you can open multiple calculators on your desktop at the same time. That means you can do multiple tasks at the same time in different modes (Standard, Scientific, Programmer, Date Calculation, and Converter).

Windows Scientific Calculator Shortcut key

Windows Calculator Shortcut key for Scientific Mode

Scientific Mode
F3Select DEG
F4Select RAD
F5Select GRAD
GSelect 2x
Ctrl + GSelect 10x
SSelect sin
Ctrl + SSelect sinh
Shift + SSelect sin-1
Ctrl + Shift + SSelect sinh-1
TSelect tan
Ctrl + TSelect tanh
Shift + TSelect tan-1
Ctrl + Shift + TSelect tanh-1
OSelect cos
Ctrl + OSelect cosh
Shift + OSelect cos-1
Ctrl + Shift + OSelect cosh-1
USelect sec
Ctrl + USelect sech
Shift + USelect sec-1
Ctrl + Shift + USelect sech-1
ISelect csc
Ctrl + ISelect csch
Shift + ISelect  csc-1
Ctrl + Shift + ISelect csch-1
JSelect cot
Ctrl + JSelect coth
Shift + JSelect cot-1
Ctrl + Shift + JSelect coth-1
Ctrl + YSelect y√x
Shift + \Select |x|
[Select ⌊x⌋
]Select ⌈x⌉
LSelect log
Shift + LSelect logyx
MSelect dms
NSelect ln
Ctrl + NSelect ex 
PSelect Pi
QSelect x2
VToggles on/off F-E button
XSelect exp
Y, ^Select xy
#Select x3
%Select mod
!Select n!
Windows Calculator Shortcut key for programming Mode

Windows Calculator Shortcut key for Programmer Mode

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Programmer Mode
F2Select DWORD
F3Select WORD
F4Select BYTE
F5Select HEX
F6Select DEC
F7Select OCT
F8Select BIN
F12Select QWORD
%Select %
|Select OR
^Select XOR
\Select NOR
~Select NOT
&Select AND
.Select NAND
A-FSelect letters A-F while HEX is select
Shift + ,Select RoL when Bit Shift is set to either “Circular” shift
Shift + .Select RoR when Bit Shift is set to either “Circular” shift
Shift + ,Select Lsh when Bit Shift is set to “Arithmetic” or “Logical” shift
Shift + .Select Rsh when Bit Shift is set to “Arithmetic” or “Logical” shift
Windows Calculator Shortcut key for Graphing
Graphing Mode
Ctrl ++Graph Zooms In
Ctrl +-Graph Zooms Out

This is the complete list of Windows Calculator keyboard shortcuts, if you can remember the above shortcuts, you will definitely be proficient in using the calculator application.

Windows 10 Calculator Download 

If you don’t have Windows Calculator installed on your system, you can do one thing, go to Microsoft Store and from there you can install a Calculator in your system. This process is not only applicable to Windows 10. If you have Windows 7 or 11, then you can follow this process.

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