Tuhin Subhra Satapathi

Tuhin Subhra Satapathi

Top Ranked Equity Mutual Funds


Equity funds primarily make investments in stocks, or equity shares, of different companies. Therefore, an investor who makes an equity fund investment becomes a co-owner of the business the fund has invested in. The goal of equity mutual funds is…

Top 10 Electric Bike in India

Top 10 electric bike in India

The air quality is bad for more than 75% of the people in India. People are essential in moving toward cleaner transportation, even despite government initiatives to reduce pollution. Electric bikes provide an effective solution. India is among the nations…

Top 10 NGOs in India

Top 10 NGOs in India - Smile Foundation

Although India has a rich cultural history, it also faces many problems, including poverty, injustice, and restricted access to necessities of life. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have risen to the challenge in the face of these barriers, working relentlessly to improve…

Top 10 Universities In The World


Some educational institutions stand out as brilliant instances of brilliance in the constantly shifting global education environment, shaping the minds of future leaders and substantially advancing civilization. The world’s top 10 universities are presented after a thorough analysis of the…

Top 10 Endangered Animals

10 of the Most Endangered Species in India

A diverse range of animals inhabits our globe, with each species contributing in its own special way to preserving the fragile balance of our ecosystems. However, the unrelenting effects of human activity have brought many species to the verge of…

Top 10 Network Marketing Companies

top 10 direct selling companies in india

Network marketing has evolved as a dynamic and adaptable entrepreneurial path in the quickly changing environment of modern business. People from various backgrounds are becoming more and more attracted to this particular business model since it offers financial flexibility and…