Old Trafford Cricket Ground-History, Capacity, Historic Moments.

One of the most famous sporting venues in the cricketing world is the Old Trafford Cricket Ground, which is situated in Greater Manchester, England. It was founded in 1857. This historic venue has a long history dating back more than 150 years, and it has seen a great deal of memorable games, amazing victories, and remarkable cricketing events. Since 1864 it’s been the home ground for the Lancashire County Cricket Club. Due to a sponsorship agreement with Emirates Airlines, it has been known as Emirates Old Trafford since 2013.

Old Trafford Cricket Ground
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Today, In this article we will discuss the captivating story of this Unique Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

Old Trafford Cricket Ground

Ground LocationOld Trafford, Greater Manchester, England
Also Known AsEmirates Old Trafford
Crowd CapacityInternational: 26,000, Domestic: 19000, Concerts: 50,000
Home TeamLancashire
End NamesJames Anderson EndBrian Statham End
FloodlightsInstalled In 2011

History Of The Old Trafford Cricket Ground:

Old Trafford Cricket Ground was established in 1857 and It immediately gained popularity to be regarded as one of England’s greatest cricket grounds. In 1884, the first Test match was played at the venue. Since then, the Old Trafford Cricket Ground has hosted a variety of exciting games and rivalries, such as the exciting Ashes series, which features heated cricket matches between England and Australia.

It’s amazing to see the architecture on the ground. The great pavilion, which was constructed in 1895 and is made of eye-catching red bricks, represents the heart of this amazing ground. Its classic style displays elegance and shows attention to the rich heritage of the sport. The Long Room is a unique place inside the pavilion where players and officials can chill out and get ready for their matches.

Old Trafford Cricket Ground has hosted many iconic moments throughout its history. Jim Laker’s amazing performance in 1956, when he took all 10 wickets in a single innings. The venue has also hosted the nail-biting Ashes matches that made cricket history. When England beat Australia by two runs in 2005, it was one of the most memorable games and a memorable moment for the Ashes series.

In addition to Test matches, ODI and Twenty20 games have frequently taken place at Old Trafford. In the 1999 ICC Cricket World Cup semi-final, Australia and South Africa played an exciting game in one memorable ODI match. As it is the home ground for Lancashire County Cricket Club, it offers a venue for skilled cricketers to show off their abilities at the county level.

Additionally, the Old Trafford Cricket Ground has served as a representation of unity and strength during difficult times. The stadium’s use as an auxiliary military station during World War II served as a testament to the spirit of cricket and its capacity to unite people despite difficulties. The venue also features a media center, player facilities, and a historic pavilion that adds to the charm of the ground.

First International Matches:

Test Match: The first test match was played between Australia and England on this ground on July 10, 1884. The match was drawn.

One Day International: The first One Day International match was held on August 24, 1972. The match was played between Australia and England. England won the match comfortably by 6 wickets. Dennis Amiss smashed a superb century and was awarded player of the match.

T20 International: The first International T20 match was played between New Zealand and England on June 13, 2008. England played brilliant cricket and won the match easily by 9 wickets. Ian Bell scored a brilliant unbeaten 60* Runs from only 46 balls and was awarded player of the match.

Memorable Moments:

Old Trafford Cricket Ground has witnessed several memorable moments that have etched themselves into cricketing history. Here are some of the best and most unforgettable moments from the ground:

Jim Laker’s 19 Wickets (1956): Jim Laker, an off-spinner in England. Against Australia in 1956, He achieved a remarkable achievement by taking 19 wickets in a Test match. Laker got 10 wickets in the first innings of the fourth Test in the Ashes series and then added 9 more in the second. His extraordinary performance is still unforgettable in the history of Test cricket.

2005 Ashes Series: Many people consider the 2005 Ashes series between England and Australia to be one of the most exciting and closely contested Ashes matches ever. It was notably remarkable when England won the fourth Test at Old Trafford by only 2 runs, securing a vital victory on their way to getting back to the Ashes after 18 years.

The Tied ODI (1999): Australia and South Africa played in a thrilling semifinal match of the 1999 ICC Cricket World Cup at Old Trafford. Both teams scored 213 runs in the tie-breaking game. The thrilling nature of the game left spectators in amazement, but Australia advanced to the final due to a superior net run rate.

Andrew Flintoff’s All-Round Heroics (2005): At Old Trafford in the 2005 Ashes series, Andrew Flintoff, playing for England, proved his excellent all-around abilities. He led England to victory in the fourth Test with a brilliant century and also took crucial wickets. The triumph of England in the series was significantly influenced by his remarkable performance.

Brian Lara’s Record-breaking Innings (1994): During a Test match against England at Old Trafford in 1994, West Indies batsman Brian Lara permanently wrote his name in cricket history. The highest individual score in first-class cricket was 501 not out, which Lara scored in magnificent style. His performance delighted fans and showcased his extraordinary stroke-making abilities.

Sachin Tendulkar’s First Test Century (1990): During India’s 1990 tour of England, the little master Sachin Tendulkar scored his first Test century at Old Trafford. Tendulkar made his mark on cricket as one of the greatest batsmen of all time at the age of 17 when he showed amazing technique and talent.

India’s Historic Win (2021): India defeated England in the fourth Test at Old Trafford in 2021, achieving an impressive victory. India won the match by 157 runs after successfully chasing down a difficult 368-run target. This was the biggest successful run chase in Test cricket history. India’s hard work and determination were shown by the victory.

Old Trafford Ground Ends:

James Anderson End: The James Anderson End, originally known as the Pavilion End, is the end in the north. “The Point” is the striking, red conference center located just to the west of The Pavilion.

Brian Statham End: The Brian Statham End is located in the southern section and is named in honor of the former England and Lancashire player. The Media & Players Center is the red building at the Statham (south) End. Brian Statham Way is another name for the east side of Warwick Road. The Old Trafford tram stop is very next to the ground to the southeast.


In the world of cricket, England’s Old Trafford Cricket Ground holds a special place. With a more than 150-year history, it has established itself as a legendary venue for both players and cricket fans. The ground’s historic history, stunning architecture, and special moments have established its reputation as a top cricketing destination. Old Trafford Cricket Ground has witnessed everything, from organizing historic Ashes matches to witnessing great individual performances. Just a few of the many spectacular moments recorded in its history include Jim Laker’s 19-wicket haul, the thrilling Ashes victory in 2005, and Brian Lara’s record-breaking performance.

The grounds’ facilities have been regularly enhanced to give spectators a welcoming and pleasurable experience. The venue’s elegant stands, advanced media center, and player facilities are great to watch.

FAQs Related to Old Trafford Cricket Ground
Q1. When The Old Trafford Cricket Ground Was Established?

Answer: The Famous Old Trafford Cricket Ground Was Established In 1857.

Q2. Where The Old Trafford Cricket Ground Is Located?

Answer: The Old Trafford Cricket Ground is located in Greater Manchester, England.

Q3. When was the first test match played in the Old Trafford Cricket Ground?

Answer: On July 10, 1884, The first Test match was played on this ground between Australia and England.

Q4. When was the first One Day International match played in the Old Trafford ground?

Answer: The first One Day International match was played on August 24, 1972, against Australia and England.

Q5. What is the Crowd Capacity of the Old Trafford Cricket Ground?

Answer: This Stadium has a crowd Capacity of 26,000 international, 19000 domestic, and 50,000 in Concerts.

Q6. When was the first T20I match Played on this ground?

Answer: The first International T20 match was played between New Zealand and England on June 13, 2008.

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