IT Full Form

The Full Form of IT is – Information Technology

IT Full Form

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Information Technology has various acronyms that are very important to know, so let’s have a look at all the IT-related terms.

No.AcronymFull Form
1 ADFS Active Directory Federation Service
2 ADO Active Data Object
3 AITS Administrative Information Technology Services
4 AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
5 ALGOL ALGOrithmic Language
6 AML Algebraic Modeling Languages
7 ANR Application Not Responding
8 API Application Programming Interface
9 APK Android Application Package
10 APL Automatic Programming Language
11 ASP Active Server Page
12 ASP Answer Set Programming
13 ASP Application Service Provider
14 ASPI Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
15 AVX Advanced Vector Extensions
16 AWT Abstract Window Toolkit
17 BASIC Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
18 BBS Bulletin Board Service
19 BCPL Basic Combined Programming Language
20 BOPL Basic Object Programming Language
21 CAD Computer Aided Design
22 CDAC Centre for Development for Advanced Computing
23 CDP Customer Data Platform
24 CFML Cold Fusion Markup Language
25 CIM Common Information Model
26 CLI Command Line Interface
27 CLX Component Library for Cross Platform
28 CNC Computerized Numerical Control
29 COBOL Common Business Oriented Language
30 CORS Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
31 CRO Conversion Rate Optimization
32 CSP Content Security Policy
33 CSRF Cross Site Request Forgery
34 CSS Cascading Style Sheets
35 CVSS Common Vulnerability Scoring System
36 CWE Common Weakness Enumeration
37 DAO Data Access Objects
38 DAST Dynamic Application Security Testing
39 DBMS Database Management System
40 DCL Data Control Language
41 DDA Digital Differential Analyzer
42 DDL Data Definition Language
43 DES Data Encryption Standard
44 DMARC Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance
45 DML Data Manipulation Language
46 DMS Database Migration Service
47 DNS Domain Name System
48 DNSSEC Domain Name System Security Extensions
49 DOM Document Object Model
50 DOS Disk Operating System
51 DQL Data Query Language
52 DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture
53 DRS Distributed Resource Scheduler
54 DSA Digital Signature Algorithm
55 DSN Deep Space Network
56 ECS Enhanced Chip Set
57 EJB Enterprise Java Bean
58 FIFO First In, First Out
59 Fortran FORmula TRANslation
60 FOSS Free and Open-Source Software
61 FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name
62 FUD Fully Un-Detectable
63 HAC High Availability Clusters
64 HDMI Handheld Device Markup Language
65 HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
66 IAM Identity and Access Management
67 IC Integrated Circuit
68 ICT Information and Communications Technology
69 IDE Integrated Development Environment
70 IDL Interface Definition Language
71 INS InterNet communication Settings
72 IOPS Input/output Operations Per Second
73 IP Internet Protocol
74 IRDA Infrared Data Association
75 ISM Information Services Manager
76 ITA Information Technology Agreement
77 ITES Information Technology Enabled Services
78 J2EE Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition
79 J2ME Java 2 Micro Edition
80 J2SE Java 2 Standard Edition

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Another Important List of IT Full Form

81 JAR Java Archive
82 Java EE Java, Enterprise Edition
83 JCE Java Cryptography Extension
84 JDK Java Development Kit
85 JRE Java Run-time Environment
86 JS JavaScript
87 JSON JavaScript Object Notation
88 JSP Java Server Pages
89 JVM Java Virtual Machine
90 KMC Key Management Center
91 KVM Kernel-based Virtual Machine
92 LBS Location-Based Services
93 LIFO Last In, Last Out
94 MPP Massive Parallel Processing
95 MSTSC Microsoft Terminal Service Client
96 MVC Model-View-Controller
97 NCC Network Control Center
98 NIC Network Interface Card
99 NLP Natural Language Processing
100 OLA Operational Level Agreement
101 OLAP Online Analytical Processing
102 OLTP Online Transaction Processing
103 OPML Outline Processor Markup Language
104 ORACLE Oak Ridge Analytical and Common Logical Engine
105 OSCI OS Command Injection
106 OSS Open Source Software
107 OWASP Open Web Application Security Project
108 P2V Physical to Virtual
109 PC Personal Computer
110 PCL Printer Control Language
111 PERL Practical Extraction and Reporting Language
112 PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
113 POP Power On Password
114 POP Post Office Protocol
115 POP Point Of Presence
116 PROLOG Programmation logique
117 QEMU Quick Emulator
118 RAD Rapid Application Development
119 RAT Remote Administration Tool
120 RFI Remote File Inclusion
121 RSS Rich Site Summary
122 RUM Real User Measurement
123 SaaS Software-as-a-Service
124 SAML Security Assertion Markup Language
125 SAP System Analysis and Programming
126 SAS Statistical Analysis System
127 SAST Static Application Security Testing
128 SAX Simple API of XML
129 SCD Source Code Disclosure
130 SDK Software Development Kit
131 SEO Search Engine Optimization
132 SERP Search Engine Results Page
133 SFTP SSH File Transfer Protocol
134 SMIL Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
135 SPF Sender Policy Framework
136 SQL Structured Query Language
137 SRC Sample Rate Conversion
138 SSD Solid State Drive
139 SSE Server-Side Encryption
140 SSH Secure Shell
141 SSO Single Sign-On
142 STP Shielded Twisted Pair
143 STS Security Token Service
144 TLS Transport Layer Security
145 VBA Visual Basic for Applications
146 VBS Visual Basic Script
147 VCS Veritas Cluster Server
148 VFP Visual FoxPro
149 VIP Vines Internet Protocol
150 VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language
151 VSM Virtual Supervisor Module
152 VST Virtual Studio Technology
153 VTL Virtual Tape Library
154 WAF Web Application Firewall
155 WMI Windows Management Instrumentation
156 WSDL Web Services Definition Language
157 XAML Extensible Application Markup Language
158 XBL XML Binding Language
159 XHTML Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
160 XML eXtensible Markup Language
161 XNS Xerox Network Services
162 XSD XML Schema Definition
163 XSL Extensible Stylesheet Language
164 XSLT Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
165 XSS Cross Site Scripting
166 XUL XML User-interface Language

1. What do you mean by Information Technology?

Information Technology means the combination of hardware and software infrastructure to manage and deliver information. IT is a field that manages and processes information for various companies and organizations.

2. The Importance of Information Technology?

It is hard to overstate how important information technology is in our daily lives. Whatever we do on the internet like learning, gaming, banking, and shopping is influenced by information technology. Not only these things, IT also plays a major role in defence, healthcare, and space.

3. IT job education Qualification?

IT job, IT means information technology which is directly related to computer degrees like BCA, MCA, CST, CSE, IT, etc. So if you have done this kind of course then your chances of getting an IT job will be high but it doesn’t mean students from another department won’t get jobs in the IT industry. It doesn’t matter what your educational qualification is, if you have deep knowledge in any field related to IT, you can get an IT job.

4. Job roles in IT Industry?

There are many types of job roles in the IT industry.

  • System Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • Support Analyst
  • Database developer
  • Data scientist
  • Technology Specialist
  • IT Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Software Tester
  • Software Architect
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Team Lead
  • Product Manager
  • Code Analyst
  • Technical Consultant
5. List of Top IT Companies?
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
  • Accenture
  • Capgemini
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Cognizant
  • SAP
  • Wipro
  • HCL
  • Infosys

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